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New Plymouth & Bulls join network

27 December 2020

We are pleased to announce two important additions to the® network. Though both small towns both Hikuai and Bulls provide important connections to other parts of the country.

New Plymouth is the central place for the Taranki region, while Bulls is convenient for Wanganui.

You can book to either of these destinations now.

And of course you can get there from $1 (plus booking fee).

Competitors’ price rises disappointing

20 December 2020

® 19 December 2020® brands competitors’ price rises disappointing

A popular new city to city bus service has branded its competitors’ price rises as disappointing.® services more than 60 North Island centres with its no frills approach to domestic travel boasting bus fares as low as $1.70.

Managing Director Hamish Nuttall says the Auckland Regional Transport Authority’s price hike could prove counter-productive.

He agrees with Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee’s criticisms that the price rises come at a bad time for workers and students.

“The increased fares for buses and trains seem to indicate a lack of competitive pressure. There seems to be little competition for passengers which means that operators aren’t forced to be price competitive. We recognise that we are competing against the private car and even airlines as well as high cost bus services so we have to be extremely sharp with our pricing,” says Nuttall.

Nuttall says competitors’ claims that fuel and operating costs has forced them to push up their prices are questionable.

”Some costs are increasing though not as much as other bus company prices are. The biggest cost is however carrying empty seats.®’s business model is to fill those empty seats which make our low fares viable.”

Based on hugely successful British transport models like Easyjet,® cuts the overhead costs from the ticketing process by providing ‘internet only’ ticketing ( instead of expensive salespeople.

While consumers use the online ticketing option resulting savings are passed onto the travellers allowing each bus trip to offer dramatically reduced fares.

Nuttall is also concerned about the effect negative publicity surrounding the price rises will have on the industry as a whole.

”It would be a real shame to see this have the consumer turn off public transport when it has such potential to reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels, reduce pollution and increase accessibility. Some people will revert to car use and those that have no alternative will be forced to pay the higher cost.”

Nuttall says not only will the consumers suffer but the region as a whole will now find it difficult to promote public transport to a cynical public. to BIG DAY OUT from $1

17 December 2020

Travel with from $1!® is New Zealand’s low cost city to city bus service. Since we launched 11 short weeks ago we have introduced several innovations into the city to city travel market, including low, low fares starting from $1 (plus 70c booking fee).

Now we are trialling a special service to the Big Day Out on 19 January 2020. There will be one bus only leaving Tauranga at 7AM (and now WAIHI at 7.35am) to arrive in time for the start of the Big Day Out. The bus will return at the conclusion of the Big Day Out. The prices quoted are for the RETURN trip.

To take advantage of this, please search for trips between Tauranga or Waihi and the Big Day Out.

Let us know if you would like us to run to Big Day Out from other locations. Please make a comment below, or send us an email via the Contact section.

Please note that prices are for the bus only. Admission is extra.

This is a trial service only; fares still start from $1 (for the return trip).

Even if you don’t live in Tauranga or Waihi you can get to the Big Day Out with from many North Island destinations. See our route map for where we go. You can find details of our times and stops here.

All our bookings are online (please us the booking form on the left hand side of the homepage).

If you are new to®, have a look around. You will find our prices are unbeatable. If you register, you can earn free trips, and if you tell your friends you can earn free trips even faster. registration is on the homepage.

Earn FREE trips faster till Christmas

6 December 2020

If you book between today and Christmas Day, 25 December, you will earn double nakedrewards. You will also earn double nakedrewards if your friends book® tickets (if they registered using your reference).

So now there is even more reason to book with®. remember that you can use nakedrewards to buy tickets on, so with double nakedrewards between now and Christmas you will be able to travel for free sooner!

If you haven’t registered yet, why don’t you here? It takes two minutes and means that you can earn free trips!

Pay by Internet Banking

6 December 2020

Now you can pay for your low cost® tickets using internet banking, This will be extremely useful for customers who don’t have credit cards.

We think this is a first for a transport service, at least in New Zealand. Look out for other new features soon.

Credit cards are still the easiest way to pay as the transaction is instant - If you use internet banking, you need to wait for the money to clear (usually overnight) before you can buy a ticket.

You must be registered to use internet banking. When you are logged in just click on the internet banking link on the left hand side of the home page - you will be given full instructions and a reference code which you must put on your payment reference so we can identify it.

Remember that the price of tickets can go up so make sure you credit enough money to cover this, and you must also have enough money to cover the 70c booking fee.

As always we welcome feedback on this feature. Use the comment link below

Customer Comments

What a way to go!

What a way to go! Being a pensioner it is just so wonderful to make this trip possible for me!

- BH, Rotorua

Great Service and Value for Money

Congratulations to the great bus driver who drove us to Napier from Hamilton on 30th May and home again on 3rd June. His timing was first class and our price of $20 return was unbeatable

- Olive Davis

Regular clients

Thank you SO MUCH for your time and commitment in carrying out a refund, I appreciate your service! Yes indeed, my family and I are regular clients of nakedbus and will continue to be as we frequently travel the North Island!

-Ema Korenhof

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