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Spectacular Queenstown to Milford Sound Bus & Cruise experience - from $1 inclusive

30 July 2020

Location, Location, Location From Just One Dollar!
Spectacular Milford Sound Trip

Say goodbye to money woes and hello to visiting some of New Zealand’s most spectacular tourist spots, with super low-cost bus service provider!

We have just announced the provision of a spectular day trip from Queenstown to Te Anau and Milford Sound all from $1 including a one hour 45 minute cruise on Milford Sound.
With fares from just $1, getting to Milford Sound has never been easier - or cheaper. For a fraction of the price of other tourist providers, travellers can get onboard and see the beautiful lands of the south.

Day-trip sightseeing on a coach from Queenstown to Milford will run daily, with inclusive prices starting at just $1! This extremely competitive price also includes a boat cruise on Milford Sound, offering unbeatable value.

For more information on this once in a lifetime trip go to:

Price comparison:

  • - all passengers from $1
  • Newmans - Adults $203, children $136

All tickets are considerably cheaper than other operators.

Calling Gisborne bus travellers! Cheap fares now!

30 July 2020

We are delighted to announce our new daily service to the North Island’s idyllic East Coast. As the company’s most requested destination to be served, Gisborne has now been put on the map - with fares from just $1 to take Kiwis from Gisborne, Whakatane and Opotiki to Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland return. CEO, Hamish Nuttall, says the provision of the new routes allows travellers to see the country’s top tourist spots without breaking the bank.

“The exciting new routes offered by reflect our aim to make travel accessible to all Kiwis,” he says.

The new service starts on 19 August and booking is available now.

Price comparison:

  • - prices start at $1 for everyone
  • [competitor] - Gisborne to Auckland - adult fare $76

Book online or at these i-SITEs:

  1. Gisborne
  2. Kawerau
  3. Opotiki
  4. Whakatane

Go naked and help the environment

30 July 2020

Travelling with is better for the environment than travelling by car. Research shows that 32% of travellers previously used the car which means we have taken 1000s of car trips off the road. On one route (Hastings/Napier - Auckland) alone, the reduction in Carbon dioxide emissions is 180 tonnes per year.

So what this means is is not merely aiming to be “carbon neutral”, we are actually making a contribution to improving the environment.

So every time you choose instead of the car, you are making a positive contribution towards reducing greenhouse gases.

Deutsch / German: hat neulich herausgefunden dass auf der Route Hastings/Napier-Auckland der CO2-Ausstoss um 177 Tonnen/Jahr verringert werden kann wenn unsere Passagiere Bus anstatt Auto fahren. 32% all unserer Kunden sind frueher Auto gefahren.

What services do you offer for backpackers?

26 July 2020 is committed to providing an affordable bus service for backpackers and other travellers to our country.
Travel across New Zealand from $1! That’s right, you can travel anywhere on our network from only $1. We welcome backpackers and other independent travellers. Just use the online booking form (on the left) to book and pay, and you will have a reserved seat on one of our coaches.
Because our prices are so low you can mix and match and not worry about high cost passes - just pay for the travel you need. If you need to change your plans - don’t worry, you can change your dates with 24 hours notice (70c booking fee + 70c rebooking, plus any difference in ticket price apply).® is the new lowest cost way to see New Zealand - guaranteed. You will not find cheaper travel prices anywhere. Even if you don’t catch a $1 fare you will find that our prices are on average half what the competition wants to charge you.

nakedbus is the obvious choice when you are exploring New Zealand. No other form of city to city travel combines such great value for money with such a great opportunity to sample the great country that is New Zealand.

And don’t forget, with® you don’t have to lock yourself into a pass. Just customise your travel plans with exactly the bus trips you want. And if you decide to change your itinerary you can.

We have daily departures from most destinations, and you will be travelling with a great bunch of people.

nakedbus services usually stop conveniently near YHA youth hostels, backpackers and other budget accomodation, and our friendly drivers will be happy to give you directions.

And when you travel with us you won’t be packed in a bus full of tourists. You will be travelling with the locals, see our country as we see it!

So have a look at where we go here and start planning!

Book early and save more money for your destination!

Happy travelling!

What do your buses look like?

26 July 2020

Most of our buses are provided by our partner operators. They will not be in colours. Your email confirmation will have a picture of what your bus will look like.
Here is a picture of one of our buses. The bus you travel on may be different from this.�

One of our buses

Sometimes buses will be provided by one of our partners. Where this is the case, your booking confirmation will advise you. Whenever this happens, there will be a® sticker in the window of the bus you are travelling on. If in doubt ask the bus driver.

So how low cost are you?

26 July 2020

Travel across New Zealand from $1. That’s right, on every bus trip every day, bus tickets start at $1 (plus 70c booking fee). Whether you are travelling from Napier to Taupo or Auckland to Wellington, book early and you need only pay $1.Our fares are cheaper the earlier you book.
Some of the things we have done away with:

  • company cars for the managers
  • paper tickets that get lost
  • salespeople roaming the globe on expense accounts
  • flash advertising interrupting your entertainment
  • expensive bus depots
  • expensive call centres
  • customer service managers whose job is to say “no”

What we do have:

  • low prices
  • comfortable buses
  • daily departures
  • easy to use website
  • friendly service

So, with prices from $1 (plus 70c booking fee), why don’t you try us?

What is your environmental commitment?

26 July 2020

We aren’t interested in fancy gestures. We are focused on simply providing a great alternative to car travel. 32% of our users previously travelled by car, which means that on one route alone (Hastings to Auckland) we have contributed to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 180 tonnes per year.® is committed to moving towards environmental sustainability. That is one of the key benefits of our low cost approach: because of our low fares we can attract more people to our service - whether from cars or planes. As a result we use a lot less fuel per passenger than other modes of travel. In fact nakedbus represents one of most most fuel efficient way of travelling within New Zealand.
And because everything is done online we use very little paper or other non-renewable supplies.

Obviously we have spent a lot of time and effort getting off the ground. But now we have arrived you can expect us to focus on ways we can reduce our footprint on the planet.

And, by the way, this isn’t just “marketing speak”. Founder and CEO of® Hamish Nuttall is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, having worked on public transport solutions internationally for 20 years.

What does low cost mean?

26 July 2020

When you travel across New Zealand, you don’t want to finance the lavish lifestyles of jet setting sales managers. What you want is a comfortable, reliable bus that gets you where you are going. So that’s what® provides.

We operate fast, comfortable city to city buses. What we don’t do is pay salespeople on fat expense accounts, print paper tickets, build extravagant bus depots or commission quirky advertising.

We have designed a state of the art website that makes it so easy to book, and we have worked with professional operators to provide the services. Period.

We think you will welcome the savings.

What is your service promise?

26 July 2020

Our service promise consists of the following five pledges:

  • low cost
  • safety
  • comfort
  • reliability
  • friendly service

We think you’ll agree they make an unbeatable combination!

If we do not meet your expectations, please let us know here.

Low Cost

Travel across New Zealand from $1. That’s right, on every trip every day, our fares start at $1 (plus 70 booking fee). Whether you are travelling from Napier to Taupo, Palmerston North to Wellington or Auckland to Rotorua, book early and you need only pay $1.

Our fares are cheaper the earlier you book. Even if you buy a ticket nearer the date of travel, the price will still be very competitive. Why not try us out?


Our operators take pride in running buses that are safe and well maintained. We exceed all safety and maintenance requirements of Land Transport NZ.


All our vehicles have comfortable coach seats to ensure you have a comfortable trip. Vehicles have been selected for their ride quality. You can see pictures of some of our vehicles here.


We all know that unforeseen problems can cause delays, whether it is severe weather, the road being blocked by a crash ahead, or traffic congestion. In these situations the service may be unavoidably delayed so please bear with us!
However, we will do our very best to minimise any delays. We have designed our timetables to take into account known trouble spots.

If there are any known disruptions, we will post them here.

Friendly service

Our drivers are picked not only for their driving skills but their friendly customer service.
they will do their best to answer any queries you have, and ensure that you have a pleasant trip.

So what now?

26 July 2020

Well, we hope you will join us in our quest to make city to city transport affordable and fun again. Have a look at where we go here. We hope to see you soon!

Customer Comments

nakedbus is the best thing since sliced bread.

I just wanted to say that nakedbus is the� best thing since sliced bread. It’s great that you’re offering an actual SERVICE - something this country definitely needs. Awesome work guys.

-Emmylou Cooke

I leave my car at home...

Awsome service you guys have. I leave my car at home and travel by nakedbus now.

-Mac Koia

Thank you for providing a bus company that meets our budget :)

I have been raving on to friends and family about your VERY LOW prices! Will definitely be booking with you again for future trips! Thank you for providing a bus company that meets our budget :)

-Asenati Semau




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