How do I get nakedrewards?

16 July 2020

You must be logged on to earn nakedrewards.
There are two ways you can get nakedrewards once you have signed up:

1. Every time you book a trip you will get a credit that you can use for future trips.

2. If you tell your friends and they sign up using your reference number, you will get a credit every time they travel too.

Please note that you do not get nakedrewards if you pay by internet banking.

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3 Responses to “How do I get nakedrewards?”

  1. lea Says:

    What if you aren’t signed in when you make the booking and it doesn’t give your account the rewards as a result? Is there any way to recoup these?

  2. Hamish Nuttall Says:

    Unfortunately if you are not signed in you do not earn nakedrewards. Please ensure you are signed in each time you book. If you click the “remember me” button, you will not have to sign in each time.

  3. is now three years old! Says:

    [...] Life is unfair, it’s our birthday but you get the presents. You get double nakedrewards with every booking from the 12th of October to the end of the month. If that’s not enough, you can also get some REAL prizes presents!! Every booking made during October puts you in the draw to win from a pool of amazing prizes: [...]

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