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Same day booking extended

26 January 2020

Now you can book same day on most services in Otago and Southland and between Queenstown, the Glaciers and Greymouth. Bookings can be made up to 15 minute before the bus departs online at Which means that whenever you book, you can be sure of getting the best deal - with

More payment options - pago & Amex

21 January 2020

pago is finally live - at last! It’s taken a while but we have finally chased down all the bugs and got it all working properly. You can use pago to pay for transactions up to $200. We are only the second merchant accepting pago and we are delighted to help spearhead this revolutionary new payment method.

But wait … there’s more.

We also now accept American Express - is committing to keeping its costs as low as possible so we can offer the best fares and we are delighted that Amex has come to the party with a rate that allows us to offer the card on the site.


Travel to Waitomo with and see New Zealand’s most famous caving attractions - glowworms, blackwater rafting, abseiling and more.

While you are there, take advantage of our great caving offers.

Get the lowdown on our underground adventures at our Waitomo page.

nakedrewards changes

17 January 2020

Please note that with immediate effect, passengers booking and paying with internet banking or nakedrewards will no longer receivce nakedrewards from their purchase. Passengers will still receive nakedrewards when the book and pay by credit card and pago.

Please note you MUST be logged in to receive nakedrewards.

Go underground with

10 January 2020 now goes to NZ’s most exciting caving destination - glowworms, blackwater rafting, abseiling and more - WAITOMO!

You can now get there from $1 with from Auckland, Rotorua, Hamilton, Taupo, Napier, Hastings, Whangarei, Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Cambridge, Warkworth and many more.

How to Book

1. Select where you are travelling from in the “travel from” box
2. Select Waitomo in the “travel to” box
3. Select the date you wish to travel to Waitomo and the date you wish to return (select the same date if you want to do a day trip)

Book now

Great Caving Adventures with

But it gets better. We have teamed up with Waitomo Adventures to offer the best caving adventures that Waitomo has to offer at great prices:

TumuTumu Toobing - Blackwater Rafting at its Best!

This ripper of a trip combines the best elements of blackwater rafting - includes walking, climbing, swimming and tubing through the distinctive TumuTumu cave. See awesome formations and NZ’s famous glowworms.

How to book:

1. Select Waitomo in the “travel from” box
2. Select Tumutumu Toobing in the “travel to” box
3. Select the date you want to take this adventure

Book now

Haggas Honking Holes - Waitomo’s most concentrated action!

Indiana Jones in a washing machine! Do 3 abseils down waterfalls, rock climbing and experience many more great suprises in store as you explore this fabulous cave. All equipment supplied. No prior experience required, just a moderate fitness level.

How to book:

1. Select Waitomo in the “travel from” box
2. Select Haggas Honking Holes in the “travel to” box & 3. Select the date you want to take this adventure

Book now

How does pricing work?

1 January 2020 uses a complex pricing model to offer you the best value long distance bus tickets possible.

However, the concept is simple: the earliest seats are the cheapest; as these are sold the next seats are sold.

We do not divulge how many seats are available and at what prices, as this is commercially sensitive, but you should know that:

  • At least one seat on each bus is sold at $1 (plus booking fee). This is available for any destination so you could travel from Auckland to Wellington for $1 if you book early enough. (Please note that non bus related services may not always start at $1).
  • The system will always offer you the best price currently available
  • The price offered may vary between searches as other passengers book

If there are no more $1 seats available we cannot sell you a $1 seat so please do not ask. If you saw a seat at a particular price and tried to book it later but it wasn’t there, this is because someone else has booked it – again we cannot sell you a seat at the lower price. This is why it pays to book early.

Customer Comments


People-friendly is everything. Driver was a good guy.
-Mike Spink

Great service

Great service for the price. Bus is warm and driver courteous.
-Glenys� Smart


A big thanks from a superannuitant.

-Elly Boundy


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