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Go Underground with at Waitomo Caves

We have teamed up with Waitomo Adventures to offer the best caving adventures that Waitomo has to offer.

Introducing Haggas Honking Holes and TumuTumu Toobing!!

Explore the dark undergrounds and get close and personal with the world famous glowworms at great prices.

To get there - take the advantage of’s low bus fares starting from $1*.

*booking fees apply.


23 February 2020

Please see our How to Book page

New Plymouth

23 February 2020

The new Plymouth service has been withdrawn until further notice.

IPHONE Competition

23 February 2020

To enter the iPHONE prize draw, register and use the reference iphone where it says nakedrewards reference.

The winner will be drawn after 16 March 2020.

Why does® have an 0900 number?

21 February 2020

We have an 0900 number in order to reduce our costs so that we can offer lower fares to our customers. 99% of our customers do not need to contact us by phone, and we do not wish to penalise them by increasing the fares to pay for a call centre, when all the information on our service can be found on the website.

Upon calling our 0900 number there is a message provided stating the price of the call per minute and an option for customers to hang up at this stage if they do not wish to pay for the call. We also have a free email service.

The® environmental commitment

21 February 2020

We aren’t interested in fancy gestures. We are focused on simply providing a great alternative to car travel. 32% of our users previously travelled by car, which means that on one route alone (Hastings to Auckland) we have contributed to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 180 tonnes per year.® is committed to moving towards environmental sustainability. That is one of the key benefits of our low cost approach: because of our low fares we can attract more people to our service - whether from cars or planes. As a result we use a lot less fuel per passenger than other modes of travel. In fact® represents one of most most fuel efficient way of travelling within New Zealand.

And because everything is done online we use very little paper or other non-renewable supplies.

Obviously we have spent a lot of time and effort getting off the ground. But now we have arrived you can expect us to focus on ways we can reduce our footprint on the planet.

And, by the way, this isn’t just “marketing speak”. Founder and CEO of® Hamish Nuttall is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, having worked on public transport solutions internationally for 20 years.

Where did the idea come from?

21 February 2020

Kiwis are great travellers, but for many years, travelling round our own country has been difficult and expensive. Added to rising petrol prices, we thought there had to be a better way.

So we looked around the world to find that better way, and saw how low cost airlines are operating. Low cost airlines have revolutionised air travel in Europe by throwing out the frills that passengers did not really need. We thought maybe we could do the same here.

So we worked on the concept for 9 months, selecting partners who could share our vision of a friendly bus service at a rock bottom price.

So now, here we are with® - a revolution in low cost bus travel for New Zealand.

The® service promise

21 February 2020

Our service promise consists of the following five pledges:

  • low cost
  • safety
  • comfort
  • reliability
  • friendly service

We think you’ll agree they make an unbeatable combination!

If we do not meet your expectations, please let us know here.

Low Cost

Travel across New Zealand from $1. That’s right, on every trip every day, our fares start at $1 (plus booking fee). Whether you are travelling from Napier to Taupo,Palmerston North to Wellington or Auckland to Rotorua, book early and you need only pay $1.

Our fares are cheaper the earlier you book. Even if you buy a ticket nearer the date of travel, the price will still be very competitive. Why not try us out?


We take pride in running buses that are safe and well maintained. We exceed all safety and maintenance requirements of Land Transport NZ.


All our vehicles have comfortable coach seats to ensure you have a comfortable trip. Vehicles have been selected for their ride quality. You can see pictures of some of our vehicles here.


We all know that unforeseen problems can cause delays, whether it is severe weather, the road being blocked by a crash ahead, or traffic congestion. In these situations the service may be unavoidably delayed so please bear with us!

However, we will do our very best to minimise any delays. We have designed our timetables to take into account known trouble spots.

If there are any known disruptions, we will post them here.

Friendly service

Our drivers are picked not only for their driving skills but their friendly customer service. They will do their best to answer any queries you have, and ensure that you have a pleasant trip.

Does® offer insurance?

21 February 2020

Our services are insured for areas which are our legal responsibility. All legal liabilities to third parties, to include damage to property and personal injury are covered.

There is no insurance cover provided for loss, damage or injury where the bus company has not been negligent. You might like to purchase personal travel insurance for this cover.

Can I have a Tax Invoice?

21 February 2020

No, sorry, but our GST number is 94 013 364 and our legal name is Nakedbus NZ Limited.

Customer Comments

Good value

Great service and good value.
-Tristan Farnworth

We are most impressed!

Thank you Hamish… we are most impressed with the efficient service! We are like kids on Christmas morning with this new service!

- DH, Napier


A big thanks from a superannuitant.

-Elly Boundy




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