Booking form doesn’t work

21 February 2020

Make sure that:

  • your browser has javascript enabled
  • you are using the latest version of Firefox (1.5+) or Internet Explorer (5.5+)
  • you have cookies enabled

If you are having problems with the booking form please follow these instructions:

Problem: Can’t enter a “travel to” destination


1. upgrade your browser to the latest version (we support IE6 +, Firefox 1.5+, and recent versions of Safari).
2. enable javascript.

You can enable javascript as follows:

  • Firefox 1.xx: Tools -> Options -> Web Features : “Enable JavaScript”
  • Firefox 2.xx: Tools -> Options -> Content : “Enable JavaScript”
  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options… -> Security -> Custom Level… : “Scripting” : “Active scripting” : “Enable”

Problem: Booking form keeps logging out when I try to search

Solution: Please ensure that you have cookies ENABLED. This website uses cookies to store details of the trip(s) you are searching for. At the very least you’ll need to allow cookies for the domains and

To enable cookies:

  • in Firefox go to Tools -> Privacy, and tick “Accept cookies from sites”
  • in Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy and set the slider on “medium”

You should then be able to use the booking form.

Problem: My travel date is not available

Solution: We release seats for a limited set of future dates (the dates that bookings are available vary from time to time). Please check when your date will become available.
Please note that some services do not run every day. See for more details.

If you are having other booking problems, please email us via the contact form.

Problem: My destination does not show up in the “travel to” box

Solution:® does not have a same day service between these two locations. You will have to make an overnight stop. Use the route map to plan your trip.

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Customer Comments

Enjoyable journey

I really enjoyed my journey. I liked the half hour stop off by the lake in Rotorua. The bus driver was friendly.
-Jessica Anderson

Great customer service!

I have used nakedbus before and will continue to recommend your service, not only because of economy but also because of great customer service!

-Lindsey Ricker

I leave my car at home...

Awsome service you guys have. I leave my car at home and travel by nakedbus now.

-Mac Koia

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