What is your fare structure?

21 February 2020

nakedbus.com® offers you the best value long distance bus tickets possible. The concept is simple: seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, with the cheapest seats being sold first.

  • At least one seat on each bus is sold at $1 (plus booking fee). This is available for any destination so you could travel from Auckland to Wellington for $1 if you book early enough. (Please note that non bus related services may not always start at $1).
  • The system will always offer you the best price currently available, so you should not delay booking
  • The price offered may vary between searches as other passengers book

If there are no more $1 seats available we cannot sell you a $1 seat so please don’t ask. If you saw a seat at a particular price and tried to book it later but it wasn’t there, this is because someone else has booked it – again we cannot sell you a seat at the lower price. This is why it pays to book early.

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One Response to “What is your fare structure?”

  1. Travel tips from nakedbus.com Says:

    [...] has the same low price for everyone. We believe everyone is entitled to the cheap bus fares we offer. Therefore the price you see when you search for the journey is the price available to [...]

Customer Comments

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, my son and I had a really lovely trip up to Auckland, catching the bus with no problems. A great service.� Thanks for all your help with the bookings etc.

-Alison Cornwall


A big thanks from a superannuitant.

-Elly Boundy

Peaceful and comfortable

I liked the fact that the driver was not giving us a tour, unlike [competitor]! It was peaceful and comfortable.

-Fiona O’Hara

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