How do I book?

21 February 2020

1. Go to

2. In the grey “start_” box on the top left:

  • Select the number of passengers travelling
  • Select their departure point from a location in the ‘Travel From’ drop down list
  • Select their destination point from the ‘Travel to’ drop down list
  • Select the departure date from the 4rd drop down list (this can be up to 60 days ahead)
  • Select the return date from the 5th drop down list – if it is only a one way journey, do not select anything
  • Click on the “start search” button

start_ bookings

You will notice a progress bar on top of the page, showing which stage you are at while you are in the process of booking your trip.

Shopping cart

3. The selected date will appear in the grey column, with a selection of available times and fares available.
(On either side of this grey column, there will be the times for the day before and the day after the date you selected, if the passenger is flexible on dates.)

4. Select the appropriate time by clicking on it.

5. If you have more than one journey to book at once, click on “Add to Basket” then repeat steps 2 through to 5.

6. Once you selected your trips, click “Checkout”.

7. You will be taken to a page where you need to enter your name, e-mail address and contact phone number in the boxes provided.

If you would like to receive an “M-ticket” on your mobile (for an extra 59cents), check the box and enter your mobile number in the box provided, in international format (+64 XXX XXX XXXX, you will need to drop the 0 out of your mobile number, e.g. 021 becomes +64 21, 027 becomes +64 27). You will then recieve your booking reference by text message.

8. Click on the appropriate payment option, “Pay with nakedrewards”, “Pay with Credit Card” or “Pay with pago”. [Please note you must be a pago member to pay by pago]

Check your trip details and cost then click “Continue to Payment” or “Cancel” if you need to make changes.

OR: If you are paying by pago you will need to enter your pago wallet name and click “Continue” – SKIP TO STEP 10.

Bottom of booking page

9. Enter your payment details, if you are paying by credit card, this will be your credit card details, if it is by nakedrewards, this will ask you to log in, then click “Confirm on the next page”

10. A booking confirmation screen will appear, with details of your trip, including your reference number, a map and a picture of the bus you will catch.
Take note of your reference number for your records - this is all you need to show the bus driver.
This page will also be sent to the email address you supplied.

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Customer Comments

We are most impressed!

Thank you Hamish… we are most impressed with the efficient service! We are like kids on Christmas morning with this new service!

- DH, Napier

$1 tickets

Keep the $1 tickets rolling

-Hayley Elford

Enjoyable journey

I really enjoyed my journey. I liked the half hour stop off by the lake in Rotorua. The bus driver was friendly.
-Jessica Anderson



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