Internet Banking deposit has not processed

21 February 2020

If the money was deposited less than one business day ago:

The banks take about one business day to make transfers available to®. Internet banking deposits are processed by® by 10am on Tuesdays to Fridays.
If money is deposited after 10pm on a weekday the bank does not process it until the next day, and then it will be available to® the NEXT day (two business days). So, for deposits made at night it will be two business days before the money is available to the customer.

The following table shows when you should expect your money to be available:

You deposit money before 10pm on: Your money is available:
Monday 10am Tuesday
Tuesday 10am Wednesday
Wednesday 10am Thursday
Thursday 10am Friday
Friday 10am Tuesday
Saturday 10am Tuesday
Sunday 10am Tuesday

If any of these days is a public holiday, there will be a delay of a further day.

If the money was deposited more than one business day ago:

Please check you entered the correct Westpac account number when you made your deposit. The account number is 03-0104-0394083-01 (not -00), and that your member number was entered correctly in the reference box. If this was done correctly, please contact us by filling in the form at with:

  • Your name,
  • the date you deposited the money,
  • the amount you deposited and
  • your member number.
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