Internet banking did not process in time and now ticket cost has increased

21 February 2020

The options are:

  • go to an agent and pay by cash,
  • find someone with a credit card, or
  • deposit more money to cover the increasing fare price.

Note: the delay is caused by the banks when transferring money. Prices of our trips go up as more people book, so the price you see today (when you first deposit your money) may not be the price available when you go to book one or two days later. This applies especially over weekends when those with credit cards have two, three or four days to book before those waiting for Internet deposits to be processed. It is the process with the banks, not®, that causes this delay.

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Customer Comments

Great customer service!

I have used nakedbus before and will continue to recommend your service, not only because of economy but also because of great customer service!

-Lindsey Ricker

We are most impressed!

Thank you Hamish… we are most impressed with the efficient service! We are like kids on Christmas morning with this new service!

- DH, Napier takes you home!

My daughter at Otago University uses nakedbus all the time to come home and return to Dunedin. It is a great service and so cheap compared to competitor.

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