Rest stops

21 February 2020

Our buses stop every 3 hours or so for rest breaks. If you require a break more urgently than that the driver will be happy to stop for you at a convenient point. We do not publish details of rest breaks because this can change on the day depending on pick-ups, traffic, and other factors. However, the driver will inform you when a rest break is taking place and what time to be back on the bus.

Please note:

  • The bus will leave at the stated time. This time will be stated by the driver according to his watch.
  • If you are not on it it will go without you
  • The driver does not do headcounts
  • It is your responsibility to be on the bus at the scheduled time
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Customer Comments


A big thanks from a superannuitant.

-Elly Boundy

Enjoyable journey

I really enjoyed my journey. I liked the half hour stop off by the lake in Rotorua. The bus driver was friendly.
-Jessica Anderson

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte


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