Unaccompanied Minors

21 February 2020

nakedbus.com® is a no frills service. As such we cannot give special instructions to drivers as this complicates our operation and increases our costs.

Unaccompanied minors 12 and over are accepted on the understanding that they will be met at both ends of the trip. While the driver will keep an eye on them, the driver will not be responsible for them, particularly at intermediate/rest stops.

Please note the following:

  • Make sure your child is put on the bus by a parent/guardian
  • The child is responsible for ensuring they are back on the bus after rest stops
  • Make sure your child is met at the destination by a parent/guardian. You MUST be at the stop 20 minutes before the scheduled arrival time, in case the bus arrives early. The bus driver is not able to wait if there is no parent/guardian there.
  • Your child must wear a seatbelt if one is available.
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Customer Comments

Excellent alternative

Excellent alternative to the posh [competitor]!

-Thomas Moeller Christensen

Two Thumbs Up!

I’m very impressed with the website nakedbus has. The whole process that you guys have going is really easy and simple. I’d never booked a bus online before, my first time, with you guys it took less then two minutes. Two thumbs up.

- Damien Clark

Great service

Great service for the price. Bus is warm and driver courteous.
-Glenys� Smart


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