Where do nakedbus.com® services leave from and arrive?

21 February 2020

The bus stop page shows where our buses go from. Search for your trip and you will find the times as well as departure and arrival locations for our services. For most stops there is also a map showing the location of the bus stop.

nakedbus.com® services leave from and arrive at central stops in the towns and cities we serve. You can chose to get on the bus at any stop listed on your booking email.

Make sure you choose the right locations – for instance, if you wish to get on the bus at Manukau, choose “Manukau” not “Auckland”. If you wish to change your departure stop you will have to change your booking – this costs a minimum of $1.70, plus any increase in costs between the two tickets.

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Customer Comments

Good value

Great service and good value.
-Tristan Farnworth


People-friendly is everything. Driver was a good guy.
-Mike Spink

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, my son and I had a really lovely trip up to Auckland, catching the bus with no problems. A great service.� Thanks for all your help with the bookings etc.

-Alison Cornwall



Auckland Airport


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