Who is nakedbus.com?

21 February 2020

nakedbus.com® was set up in September 2006 to provide low cost travel between New Zealand’s towns and cities.

From four routes in October 2006, we have grown into a national network with bargain prices on every service. nakedbus.com® uses a yield management model to ensure that it can offer the best possible prices to all its customers. It has decided not to offer confusing prices with different terms and conditions. All fares have the same validity and are open to all passengers.

nakedbus.com® is the brand of Nakedbus NZ Ltd. nakedbus.com® was founded by Hamish Nuttall.

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Customer Comments

Two Thumbs Up!

I’m very impressed with the website nakedbus has. The whole process that you guys have going is really easy and simple. I’d never booked a bus online before, my first time, with you guys it took less then two minutes. Two thumbs up.

- Damien Clark

Fantastic idea

Fantastic idea - I am telling everyone I meet

-Debbie Corson

Pleasant experience

A very pleasant experience. It was very easy to deposit money and then book the ticket.
-Nick Conolly

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