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7 August 2020

Travelling in New Zealand can be expensive. That is why has put together some useful tips that will help you not only money but also time so you can get on with the more important things while travelling.

Tip #1

Did you know, if you travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays the bus fares are generally cheaper as fewer people travel on these days? With the awesome price structure, our loss is your gain!

Tip #2

Did you know, most buses take real time bookings? This means you can still book a ticket as little as 30 minutes before the bus departs. Your reference number will be automatically transferred onto the bus driver’s phone so booking with is easy and convenient.

Tip #3

Did you know, one child under the age of 3 years per fare-paying passenger is carried free per bus trip and should not be included in your booking. However they are not guaranteed a seat when travelling on services and your child may need to sit on your lap. If you wish to guarantee a seat for your child, or if you wish for your child to be seated in their car seat, you should buy a separate ticket.

Tip #4

Did you know, if you are unsure whether the booking you just made was successful please do the following:

·� � � � � � � � check your email and see if we have sent you a confirmation letter.

·� � � � � � � � check your SPAM box and make sure you list us as a trustworthy contact so future correspondence between you and will not end up in SPAM box again.

·� � � � � � � � If you have not received anything from us please contact us as soon as possible and one of our customer service representatives will be able to help you.

Tip #5 has over 200 agents across New Zealand including most i-Site Visitor Information Centres and a number of Backpackers. If you do not have a credit card or a Pago wallet but wish to travel with us, our agents are more than happy to book you on one of our buses.

Tip#6 has the same low price for everyone. We believe everyone is entitled to the cheap bus fares we offer. Therefore the price you see when you search for the journey is the price available to everyone.

Tip #7
Did you know, nakedrewards are credits that you earn to get FREE trips with Just make sure you are logged in when you book. If you are member, sign up now to start earning nakedrewards.

Tip #8
Did you know, you can earn nakedrewards when your friends book with Simply forward your reference number to a friend and ask them to sign up as member with it. The email and text message you received when you first signed up with contains a unique reference number that allows us to identify you and award you the nakedrewards.

Tip #9

If you provide your mobile number when you book, we will text you if the bus is going to be late - the system is automatic, and text you when the bus is expected to be more than 30 minutes late - another first from

Tip #10

If you plan on taking excess baggage , please let us know in advance by using the Contact form so we can book it on the bus. There is a small fee per item.
Tip #11
If you do not have a credit card you can still enjoy our low bus fares by booking on our website through internet banking. It just takes a little bit more planning ahead as the funds you put in will be processed to your nakedrewards account in the next business day. See How to pay by internet banking for more information.

Tip #12
If you decide to change your booking, you can do so by using the change booking system on our homepage. Enter your full reference number in the appropriate boxes and you can change the ticket to another travel date or trip. It is self service only so for more information please see How to change my booking . Remember there is a change booking fee plus any price increases and you will have to change it more than 24 hours before the original departure time.

This page will be constantly updated as more tips get published in our members’ newsletter.

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I leave my car at home...

Awsome service you guys have. I leave my car at home and travel by nakedbus now.

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One dollar deals are rad!

-Pauline Shults

Challenging of price structures

Good to see serious challenging of price structures.

-John Heighes

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