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How do I find the price?

17 September 2020

Please use the booking form here and search for the journey you want. Please remember the earlier you book the less you pay so you should book as soon as you have firm travel plans.

Do you have special fares for over 60s etc?

17 September 2020

All passengers pay the same low prices on nakedbus. We do not have separate prices for over 60s.

To get the cheapest fare please book early.

What are child fares?

17 September 2020

All passengers pay the same low fares - we do not have separate fares for children.

One child under three per fare paying passenger can travel free as long as they do not need to occupy a seat.

Why am I being charged for changing my booking?

17 September 2020

The following charges apply to changing a book:

  1. booking fee
  2. change booking fee
  3. if the new ticket is more expensive you must pay the difference. Please not we do not refund if the new ticket is cheaper. This is because all nakedbus tickets are non-refundable.

These fees cover cost of providing the change booking service.

The system won’t let me change a booking

17 September 2020

You cannot change bookings less than 24 hours before departure. This is to ensure our buses are as full as possible so we can keep our fares as low as they are.

Do the buses have seatbelts?

17 September 2020

Not all our buses have seatbelts. We cannot guarantee the bus you will travel on will have seatbelts. Seatbelts are not required by law, but if they are provided you are advised to use them.

I am booked twice by mistake

17 September 2020

Please advise us within TWO hours and we will refund the second trip

I provided some incorrect information in my booking

17 September 2020

You only need your reference number to get on the bus, so as long as you have that you don’t need to worry.

If you need to provide us with additional / new information please click “no” below and use the form.

I didn’t get a confirmation

17 September 2020

If you didn’t get a confirmation, please check your email (look in the spam/junk folder).

If you have your reference number but not your confirmation email, please go to Change bookings on the home page and you will be able to resend your confirmation email.

The booking form keeps logging out

17 September 2020

You must have cookies enabled for the booking form to work.

See here for more details

Customer Comments

Some good competition!

Wonderful service. [Competitor] etc needed some good competition! All the best, I will definitely continue supporting you guys, especially a NZ business, don’t ever sell your company off overseas!

-Joanna Sangster

Fantastic idea

Fantastic idea - I am telling everyone I meet

-Debbie Corson

Peaceful and comfortable

I liked the fact that the driver was not giving us a tour, unlike [competitor]! It was peaceful and comfortable.

-Fiona O’Hara




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