Whitewater Rafting in Rotorua

Experience white water rafting with a cultural twist!

Mixing adrenalin and culture would seem like an impossible task but our white-water rafting product shows respect to local Maori iwi and gives you an initiation into Aspects Maori. With the variety of waterways surrounding Rotorua at our disposal, we will go where the flow is highest. You will be rafting through the Kaituna River where a 7 metre Tutea fall awaits you. This rafting experience has been rated grade 5 worldwide and will suit anyone with a thirst of adrenaline.

Check out our Whitewater Rafting in Rotorua

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Customer Comments


A big thanks from a superannuitant.

-Elly Boundy

Wow... these are somewhat amazing prices!

Wow, I just made a booking for next weekend from Auckland to Napier, and usually if I booked so late on the [competitor] service it would cost me $66, but I got my ticket from here for $23!! I also booked ahead for November and it cost me only $1!! I’m a Uni student so these are somewhat amazing prices, and I can afford to travel home! Cant wait to use this service, thanks for the low prices!

- Alesha, Auckland

Carbon Neutral

Really glad for the service, which has been very helpful and cost efficient. Have also been delighted with the friendly and helpful drivers. Lately we’ve been hearing that [competitor] plans to go carbon neutral, and were thinking you should do that too.

-Barbara Cook


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