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11 June 2020

We are currently experiencing problems with our confirmation page showing up at the end of a transaction. Please check your email address to see if a confirmation letter has been sent to you. If you have received the confirmation letter please rest assure that your booking has been confirmed. Remember to check your SPAM mail just in case the confirmation letter went in there. If you are still unsure whether your booking has been confirmed email us at and we can confirm it for you.

Our technical team is fixing this problem now and we apologise for any inconvenience.

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Customer Comments

How did I not know?

How did I not know about you sooner!!
-Elesha� Stoney

Great Service and Value for Money

Congratulations to the great bus driver who drove us to Napier from Hamilton on 30th May and home again on 3rd June. His timing was first class and our price of $20 return was unbeatable

- Olive Davis

nakedbus is the best thing since sliced bread.

I just wanted to say that nakedbus is the� best thing since sliced bread. It’s great that you’re offering an actual SERVICE - something this country definitely needs. Awesome work guys.

-Emmylou Cooke

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