What do we do?
nakedbus.com® represents a new breed of transport service. Adapting the low cost airline concept, we have stripped out the costs that you don’t need, such as paper tickets, salespeople with expense accounts and large terminals. Instead, we offer comfortable, fast coaches with friendly drivers, and of course, rock bottom prices.Whether you are traveling from Palmerston North to Wellington, Hamilton to Rotorua, or Christchurch to Queenstown, if you book early enough, you will only pay $1 (plus $1 booking fee). Prices go up closer to the departure date, but they will always be extremely competitive.

Our services cover New Zealand. To see where we go, click here. Generally our services run every day, with more than one trip a day to popular destinations.

nakedbus.com® is 100% New Zealand owned, proud to bring a new cost-effective travel option to Kiwis.

Where did the idea come from?

Kiwis are great travellers, but for many years, travelling round our own country has been difficult and expensive. Added to rising petrol prices, we thought there had to be a better way.

So we looked around the world to find that better way, and saw how low cost airlines are operating. Low cost airlines have revolutionised air travel in many parts of the world by focusing on what passengers want - a safe, comfortable, reliable journey - and throwing out the frills that passengers did not really need. We thought maybe we could do the same here.

So we worked on the concept for 9 months, and the result is nakedbus.com® - a revolution in travel for New Zealand.

How can we offer $1 fares?

First of all, we have cut our costs. We don’t have expensive terminals, nor do we have sales people on expense accounts all over the world. We have focused on what you need - reliable comfortable transport between New Zealand’s towns and cities.

Secondly not all our fares are $1. Our $1 fares are reserved for people who book early. Fares start at $1 on every trip, but most of our fares are slightly higher. We do think that whenever you book, you will find our fares are extremely competitive.
Finally, we believe that with our low fares we will attract a whole new market. Think about it - does it still make sense to drive across country when you can travel in comfort from $1 with nakedbus.com®. Many car users are trying our service - even some people who flew previously are turning to nakedbus.com.
So remember, our low fares, including the $1 fares, are not an opening special. they are here to stay. So why not check out how much it will cost you to get where you want to go?

All prices are quoted in NZ Dollars.

Who are we?

Nakedbus.com® is the trading name of nakedbus.com Trust, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

nakedbus.com® works with professional bus operators across New Zealand to provide you high quality value for money services.

nakedbus.com® founder and CEO is Hamish Nuttall (Hamish’s blog is at nakedinsight.com). Hamish has spent 20 years working in and advising network industries, including bus companies in the UK and New Zealand.

So what now?

Well, we hope you will join us in our quest to make city to city transport affordable and fun again. Have a look at where we go here. We hope to see you soon!

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