Low Cost

Travel across New Zealand from $1. That’s right, on every trip every day, there are $1 tickets (plus 70c booking fee). Whether you are travelling from Napier to Taupo or Auckland to Rotorua, book early and you need only pay $1.

Our fares are cheaper the earlier you book.
Some of the things we have done away with:

  • company cars for the managers
  • paper tickets that get lost
  • salespeople roaming the globe on expense accounts
  • flash advertising interrupting your entertainment
  • expensive terminals
  • expensive call centres
  • customer service managers whose job is to say “no”

What we do have:

  • low prices
  • comfortable buses
  • daily departures
  • easy to use website
  • friendly service

So, with prices from $1 (plus 70c booking fee), why don’t you try us?

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