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nakedbus.com is NZ’s only low cost long distance bus network.

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Because our prices are so low you can mix and match and not worry about high cost passes - just pay for the travel you need. If you need to change your plans - don’t worry, you can change your dates with 24 hours notice ($1.70 change booking fee, plus any difference in ticket price apply).

nakedbus.com® is the lowest cost way to see New Zealand - guaranteed. You won’t find cheaper travel prices anywhere. Even if you don’t catch a $1 fare you will find that our prices are on average half what the competition wants to charge you.

nakedbus is the obvious choice when you are exploring New Zealand. No other form of long distance travel combines such great value for money with such a great opportunity to sample the great country that is New Zealand.

And don’t forget, with nakedbus.com® you don’t have to lock yourself into a pass. Just customise your travel plans with exactly the trips you want. And if you decide to change your itinerary you can.

We have daily departures from most destinations, and you will be travelling with a great bunch of people.

nakedbus services usually stop conveniently near YHA hostels, backpackers and other budget accommodation, and our friendly drivers will be happy to give you directions.

And when you travel with us you won’t be packed in a bus full of tourists. You will be travelling with the locals, see our country as we see it!

So have a look at our cheap bus network and start planning!

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Happy travelling!

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