Agent FAQ

How does pricing work?

1 January 2020 uses a complex pricing model to offer you the best value long distance bus tickets possible.

However, the concept is simple: the earliest seats are the cheapest; as these are sold the next seats are sold.

We do not divulge how many seats are available and at what prices, as this is commercially sensitive, but you should know that:

  • At least one seat on each bus is sold at $1 (plus booking fee). This is available for any destination so you could travel from Auckland to Wellington for $1 if you book early enough. (Please note that non bus related services may not always start at $1).
  • The system will always offer you the best price currently available
  • The price offered may vary between searches as other passengers book

If there are no more $1 seats available we cannot sell you a $1 seat so please do not ask. If you saw a seat at a particular price and tried to book it later but it wasn’t there, this is because someone else has booked it – again we cannot sell you a seat at the lower price. This is why it pays to book early.

I left something on the bus

21 November 2020

If you have lost property, use the contact form to tell us what you have lost. Please provide as much detail as possible because at any one time we will have several mobile phones and sunglasses etc.

We will let you know if we find the item.

There will be a charge to return the item to you. This will cover postage and packaging.

Why doesn’t your 0900 number work?

19 October 2020

Some phones are barred from calling 0900 numbers (you may be able to make toll calls but not calls to 0900 numbers). In this case it sounds like the number is disconnected or not working.

What to do: Call your phone service provider (Telecom, Vodafone etc) and ask them to remove the 0900 bar.

Please note that you can only call the 0900 number from New Zealand

How do I book a journey for my customer?

26 September 2020

1.� Go to Log in on the left of the screen in the black box using your agent Username and Password
- Once you have logged in, it will show your agent name, the balance of your account and your available credit limit

2.� � � In the grey “start­_” box on the top left:
- Select the number of passengers travelling
- Select their departure point from a location in the drop down list
- Select their destination point from the third drop down list
- Select the departure date from the fourth drop down list (this can be up to 6 weeks ahead)
- Select the return date from the fifth drop down list – if it is only a one way journey, you do not have to select anything
- Click on the “start search” button� � � � �

3.� � The available selected date for the outbound journey will appear in the grey column, with a selection of available times and fares.
(On either side of this grey column, there will be the times for the day before and the day after the date you selected, in case the passenger is flexible on dates.)

4.� � � Select the appropriate outbound journey time by clicking on the round radio button.

5.� � � If the customer wanted a return journey this can be found bellow in the “Available Return Journey(s)” boxes.� Select the appropriate return journey time by clicking on the round radio button.

6.� � Once you have selected the correct outbound and return journey select the red “Add to basket” button.
7.� � � If you have more than one journey to book at once, then please repeat steps 4 through to 9.
� 8.� � To finish the transaction click on the big red button labelled “Checkout”.

9.� � � � Please enter the customer’s first name, surname, and E-mail address in the boxes provided, and confirm this e-mail address by repeating it in the next box.� Ask� the customer if they would like to receive an “M-ticket” on their mobile phone (for an extra c). If they do want a M-ticket sent to their mobile then check this box and enter their mobile number in the box provided.

10.� � To complete, click on the “Confirm” button – the ticket will then be emailed to the customer and will also be displayed on the screen along with maps and the reference number – print this off for the customer.� (Important: Please collect payment from the customer before clicking on the confirm button, once you have confirmed the booking it will be charged to your balance.)
� �
You have now completed your booking!

Services on Public Holidays

15 September 2020

We do not run services on Christmas Day. Most other services run every other day of the year.

To find out whether your service runs on a particular day, please use the booking form with the day you are interested in. The booking form is on the left of the home page.

Can I book a group and get a discount?

28 August 2020

No. already offers� everyone the lowest city to city bus fares in the country so we are not able to discount these any further.

Groups are more than welcome if you can get the number of seats you need on the trips/dates you need, but you will need to book this in the normal way online. Just set ‘Passengers’ to the number you need and have a fun trip together!

What do your buses look like?

26 July 2020

Most of our buses are provided by our partner operators. They will not be in colours. Your email confirmation will have a picture of what your bus will look like.
Here is a picture of one of our buses. The bus you travel on may be different from this.�

One of our buses

Sometimes buses will be provided by one of our partners. Where this is the case, your booking confirmation will advise you. Whenever this happens, there will be a® sticker in the window of the bus you are travelling on. If in doubt ask the bus driver.

What do we do?

26 July 2020® represents a new breed of bus service. Adapting the low cost airline concept, we have stripped out the costs that you don’t need, such as paper tickets, salespeople with expense accounts and large terminals. Instead, we offer comfortable, fast coaches with friendly drivers, and of course, cheap, cheap prices.

Whether you are traveling from Palmerston North to Wellington, Hamilton to Rotorua, Tauranga to Auckland, if you book early enough, you will only pay $1 (plus 70c booking fee). Prices go up closer to the departure date, but they will always be extremely competitive.

To see where we go, click here. Generally our bus services run every day, with more than one trip a day to popular destinations.® is a 100% New Zealand owned company, proud to bring a new cost-effective bus travel option to Kiwis.

Why didn’t I get a txt message confirmation?

20 July 2020

if you ordered a txt message when you booked you should receive your txt message within a few seconds. Sometimes this does not happen.

The reasons for this are as follows:

- you may have entered the wrong mobile number when you booked
- there may have been a problem on the mobile network outside our control (e.g. Vodafone / Telecom).

Unfortunately we cannot resend the text message or refund your text message fee in these cases.

Why is my travel day not showing?

18 July 2020

The trip is either not available for that particular day, or we are revising some journeys and will put them up on the site soon. If the trip does not appear in the search results it is not available for booking at this time.

Customer Comments

$1 tickets

Keep the $1 tickets rolling

-Hayley Elford


People-friendly is everything. Driver was a good guy.
-Mike Spink

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte

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