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Why are there no black “nakedbus” buses?

18 July 2020

Some of our buses are black with the nakedbus.com logo, but nakedbus.com uses the services of several high quality private operators as well. When you book you receive an email with full details of who the operator for your trip/s is/are and a picture of the bus that will pick you up.

Just who is nakedbus.com?

16 July 2020

nakedbus.com was set up in September 2006 to provide low cost travel between new Zealand’s towns and cities. From four routes in October 2006, it has grown into a national network with bargain prices on every service. nakedbus.com uses a yield management model to ensure that it can offer the best possible prices to all its customers. It has decided not to offer confusing prices with different terms and conditions. All fares have the same validity and are open to all passengers.
nakedbus.com® is the brand of Nakedbus NZ Ltd. nakedbus.com® was founded by Hamish Nuttall.

What buses work in conjunction with nakedbus.com?

16 July 2020

nakedbus.com® works with quality partners who operate the buses for us. Full details of the bus you are travelling on will be provided in the booking confirmation email.

What will the bus look like?

16 July 2020

nakedbus.com® uses the services of several high quality private operators. When you book you receive an email with full details of who the operator for your trip(s) is/are and a picture of the bus that will pick you up.

nakedbus.com® buses all carry a sticker in the window by the passenger door which states they are nakedbus.com® vehicles. For photographs of some of our vehicles click here. These are examples only. Your booking confirmation will have a picture of the type of vehicle you should look out for.

Why has the bus trip price suddenly increased?

16 July 2020

This is because we have a certain number of seats available on the bus at different prices. As soon as the cheapest seats are booked the next priced seats become available. Our website is accessed by many people simultaneously; therefore trips are being booked continuously. For this reason, prices can increase while you are still on the site, as well as if you are booking trips consecutively.

For this reason it is best to book as early as you know when you wish to travel, to get the best price.

How do I get a $1 fare?

14 July 2020

You should book early in order to get one of the $1 seats. At least one seat on every bus is $1 - these seats are the first to be sold.

Once the $1 seats are gone, they are gone.

Please note the system will automatically calculate the cheapest price for the number of people travelling - it does not make any difference if you book seats individually or together - you will get the same price.

Why can’t I can’t find my travel day?

14 July 2020

Usually seats for the buses are released 6 weeks in advance at midnight every night. If the date you’re looking for is within 6 weeks we may be revising bus timetables. New bus trips will be up on the site as soon as possible. If the bus trip does not appear in the search results it is not available at this time.

How can you afford to have $1 fares?

14 July 2020

Not all our prices are $1. The earlier you book your bus trips the less you pay, but once our $1 seats are sold, our prices rise modestly. However we think they are all extremely good value for money.

Customer Comments

Concept and value are great!

I thinks the concept and the value for money are great.
-JM Graves

Love it

Love the service.
-Daniel Nehemia

We are most impressed!

Thank you Hamish… we are most impressed with the efficient service! We are like kids on Christmas morning with this new service!

- DH, Napier


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