Change a booking as an agent

Why don’t you allow same day changes?

18 July 2020

This is because we are trying to get the cost of long distance bus travel down for everyone, so we need our buses to be as full as possible. Other low cost operators, including Air NZ, have the same policy. If we went back on our policies (and made an exception for you) then costs and fares would increase and we’d be back where we started.

We hope you can understand our position on this.

Can I change the booking I have for today?

18 July 2020

No. Bookings can only be changed more than 24 hours before the original departure time. The customer will have to book another ticket (if possible).

If you are not able to book a ticket for today online (date doesn’t show), this is because bookings are closed. There is no way to book them on a seat.

Can I get credit to use for a future trip?

16 July 2020

No, you must change your ticket 24 hours or more before the original bus departure time.

Can I change to a date that is not available on the booking form?

16 July 2020

No, you must change to a bus trip that is available when you make your change booking.

Why does not refund the difference on changed bookings when the new ticket is cheaper?

16 July 2020® relies on filling buses as much as possible to keep its fares as low as they are. Giving refunds would force us to raise our prices as we could not guarantee reselling the seat on the bus, and we are determined to keep our fares as low as possible. All low cost transport operators have a similar policy. “Change bookings” are offered as an extra service to customers, and it is not designed as a way of getting a refund.

How can I cancel my booking?

16 July 2020


In common with all budget carriers we do not offer refunds* if:

• you choose not to travel,
• can no longer travel, or
• book incorrectly.


You can cancel your booking using our contact form - select “Cancel booking” as the subject - please note there is no refund*, but we will release your seat for another customer.


However, you can change any booking using the change booking form (red box on home page). This must be done more than 24 hours before the original departure time. It is not possible to change bookings less than 24 hours before departure under any circumstances*. Changes will incur the $1.70 fee plus any increase in price if the new ticket is more expensive than the original ticket (but decreases are not refunded). Make sure you press the button to pay by credit card or nakedrewards at the end, otherwise your change will not be complete. For more information please refer to how to change a booking.

Please note, we cannot put your ticket on hold, give you credit for a ticket or transfer your ticket for you. You MUST change your ticket yourself following the instructions above. Alternatively you can visit an agent who will change your booking for you. Fees apply.
You always have to pay the $1.70 change booking fee EVEN IF THE NEW TICKET IS CHEAPER.
*This is because we may not be able to resell the seats, and we need our buses to be as full as possible to keep our prices as low as they are.

(updated 30/12/07)

Customer Comments

It was a great service thanks.

It was a great service thanks. Our grandaughter loved it and so did her mummy.

-Barb Richardson

Carbon Neutral

Really glad for the service, which has been very helpful and cost efficient. Have also been delighted with the friendly and helpful drivers. Lately we’ve been hearing that [competitor] plans to go carbon neutral, and were thinking you should do that too.

-Barbara Cook

Challenging of price structures

Good to see serious challenging of price structures.

-John Heighes




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