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Services on Public Holidays

15 September 2020

We do not run services on Christmas Day. Most other services run every other day of the year.

To find out whether your service runs on a particular day, please use the booking form with the day you are interested in. The booking form is on the left of the home page.

Why is my travel day not showing?

18 July 2020

The trip is either not available for that particular day, or we are revising some journeys and will put them up on the site soon. If the trip does not appear in the search results it is not available for booking at this time.

Do you have a bus on [Wednesday/Thursday etc]?

18 July 2020

All our departure and destination locations and current prices can be found using the search panel on the left of our website homepage

Detailed information of our bus stops can be found at

Just enter your start and end locations and you will be given written information and maps. Also, the route map can be found at

Could I be sent your timetable/brochure?

18 July 2020 does not have set timetables. All information about routes/times/prices is available from our website at

Do you have a bus to ….?

18 July 2020

Select Start Point town/city from drop-down menu (
The end Point drop-down menu automatically shows possible destinations from the chosen start point, including maps of the bus stop locations.

If the

Where do services leave from and arrive?

16 July 2020

Go to the bus stop page to see where our buses go from. Search for your trip and you will find the times as well as departure and arrival locations for our services. For most stops there is also a nice little map.® services leave from and arrive at central stops in the towns and cities we serve. You can chose to get on the bus at any stop listed on your booking email.

Can I change to a date that is not available on the booking form?

16 July 2020

No, you must change to a bus trip that is available when you make your change booking.

What if the bus is delayed?

16 July 2020

We will do our best to avoid delays by designing our timetables as carefully as possible taking into account known problems. At times there will be unavoidable delays due to traffic, roads being closed due to crashes etc. In these circumstances, please bear with us, and we will get you where you are going as quickly as possible.

How do I find out where my bus stop will be?

14 July 2020

Go to our bus stops page. Please wait for the form to load – it may take several seconds. Enter where you want to go from and to. In most cases a written description and map will be shown.

These maps will also be included on your booking confirmation, once you have completed a booking successfully.

How do I find out where the bus goes?

14 July 2020

You can view all our bus routes and connections. Wave your mouse over your start location and all possible routes from there will be highlighted.

Customer Comments

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, my son and I had a really lovely trip up to Auckland, catching the bus with no problems. A great service.� Thanks for all your help with the bookings etc.

-Alison Cornwall takes you home!

My daughter at Otago University uses nakedbus all the time to come home and return to Dunedin. It is a great service and so cheap compared to competitor.

Two Thumbs Up!

I’m very impressed with the website nakedbus has. The whole process that you guys have going is really easy and simple. I’d never booked a bus online before, my first time, with you guys it took less then two minutes. Two thumbs up.

- Damien Clark

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