What does the passenger need to know about the journey?

When and where are the rest breaks?

18 July 2020

Our buses stop every 3 hours or so for rest breaks. If you require a break more urgently than that the driver will be happy to stop for you at a convenient point. We do not publish details of rest breaks because this can change on the day depending on pick-ups, traffic, and other factors. However, the driver will inform you when a rest break is taking place and what time to be back on the bus.

Why are there no black “nakedbus” buses?

18 July 2020

Some of our buses are black with the nakedbus.com logo, but nakedbus.com uses the services of several high quality private operators as well. When you book you receive an email with full details of who the operator for your trip/s is/are and a picture of the bus that will pick you up.

Where do nakedbus.com services leave from and arrive?

16 July 2020

Go to the bus stop page to see where our buses go from. Search for your trip and you will find the times as well as departure and arrival locations for our services. For most stops there is also a nice little map.

nakedbus.com® services leave from and arrive at central stops in the towns and cities we serve. You can chose to get on the bus at any stop listed on your booking email.

What will the bus look like?

16 July 2020

nakedbus.com® uses the services of several high quality private operators. When you book you receive an email with full details of who the operator for your trip(s) is/are and a picture of the bus that will pick you up.

nakedbus.com® buses all carry a sticker in the window by the passenger door which states they are nakedbus.com® vehicles. For photographs of some of our vehicles click here. These are examples only. Your booking confirmation will have a picture of the type of vehicle you should look out for.

Will my bus/ferry/plane wait for me?

16 July 2020

No. We are not affiliated with any other form of transport. In particular we do not connect with Newmans, other city to city services or TranzScenic services. You are responsible for being at the bus stop for the departure time stated on your confirmation email. Our buses do not wait for passengers who are trying to connect to or from other forms of transport. You should ensure AMPLE windows of time when travelling to or from other forms of transport (especially planes out of Auckland). It is not unusual for buses to run 30-60 minutes late when driving long distances. For flights, at least 2 hours should be given between the suggested arrival time of the bus and the check-in time (especially in Auckland and Wellington). nakedbus.com® cannot be held responsible for delays caused by traffic etc.

There is one exception for passengers travelling via ferry to Picton (but not by ferry to Wellington). Your booking confirmation email states: If you are coming off the ferry and the ferry is delayed, you will be picked by the next bus. But if you are off the late ferry and the ferry is delayed you will have to make your own overnight arrangements. Your ticket will be valid for the next available bus. If your ferry is late but the bus is still there, identify yourself to the driver before you collect your luggage.

Will my second/ “connecting” bus wait?

16 July 2020

This depends on whether you have booked the bus trip as a connecting trip. This is when you book a single trip between your departure point and your destination point that involves two or more buses (this will be shown on the booking search form) and don’t book two separate trips that you expect to connect.

If you have booked a connecting trip, then the reference number will have a “C” in front of it. In this case, the second bus will wait if the first bus is late.

If there is no C, then you have booked two separate trips, and there is no guarantee that the second bus will wait if your first bus arrives late. We are not able to arrange for the driver of the second bus to wait if the first bus is late. For this reason you should always book the trip as a connecting trip.

Can I be picked up/dropped off at a different bus stop from my original booking?

16 July 2020

No. Unfortunately our buses only pick up/drop off at the designated bus stops that you booked for. If you would like to change your stop, you will need to change your booking.

What if the bus is delayed?

16 July 2020

We will do our best to avoid delays by designing our timetables as carefully as possible taking into account known problems. At times there will be unavoidable delays due to traffic, roads being closed due to crashes etc. In these circumstances, please bear with us, and we will get you where you are going as quickly as possible.

Can an unaccompanied minor travel on the bus?

14 July 2020

Unaccompanied minors, aged 12 to 16, travel at the responsibility of their parents or guardians. Neither nakedbus.com® nor bus drivers on nakedbus.com® bus services take responsibility for them. Unaccompanied children must be met at each end of the journey. It is the responsibility of the child to be on the bus at each departure point including connecting vehicles. nakedbus.com® cannot cater for passengers with special needs.

How much are children’s fares?

14 July 2020

We do not have separate children’s fares. All passengers pay the same low bus fares.
One child under the age of 3 years per adult is carried free per bus trip and should not be included in your booking. However they are not guaranteed a seat when travelling on nakedbus.com® services and your child may need to sit on your lap. If you wish to guarantee a seat for your child, or if you wish for your child to be seated in their car seat, you should buy a separate ticket.

Customer Comments

Great service, friendly driver...

Great service, friendly driver..will use again and again and again.
-Sarahlee Ryan

How did I not know?

How did I not know about you sooner!!
-Elesha� Stoney

Enjoyable journey

I really enjoyed my journey. I liked the half hour stop off by the lake in Rotorua. The bus driver was friendly.
-Jessica Anderson




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