Booking Problem

I am booked twice by mistake

17 September 2020

Please advise us within TWO hours and we will refund the second trip

I provided some incorrect information in my booking

17 September 2020

You only need your reference number to get on the bus, so as long as you have that you don’t need to worry.

If you need to provide us with additional / new information please click “no” below and use the form.

I didn’t get a confirmation

17 September 2020

If you didn’t get a confirmation, please check your email (look in the spam/junk folder).

If you have your reference number but not your confirmation email, please go to Change bookings on the home page and you will be able to resend your confirmation email.

Is the site secure?

23 December 2020

Yes, we use 128 bit security for a completely secure site so you can rest assured that your payment is secure. We use iframes for the payment window, so the padlock and “https” in the address bar, which usually indicate a secure site, do not appear. The iframe page is HTTPS, which is a version of HTTP that includes data encryption for security, but the outside page is not.

If you wish to confirm this, you can open the iframe page outside the frame. To to this in your Firefox browser, right-click on the payment frame, and choose This Frame -> Show Only This Frame, and it looks like this:


What should I do if I’m not sure my booking went through correctly?

16 July 2020

If you have your booking reference number then your booking was successful. You only need your reference number to get on the bus. If you did not receive a booking reference number on your screen and/or by email, please wait for 5 minutes and then check your spam / junk box then you should fill in our contact form and tell us what name and email address you used to book. We will check your booking and get back to you.

Customer Comments

How did I not know?

How did I not know about you sooner!!
-Elesha� Stoney

It was a great service thanks.

It was a great service thanks. Our grandaughter loved it and so did her mummy.

-Barb Richardson

Concept and value are great!

I thinks the concept and the value for money are great.
-JM Graves


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