Changing a booking

Why am I being charged for changing my booking?

17 September 2020

The following charges apply to changing a book:

  1. booking fee
  2. change booking fee
  3. if the new ticket is more expensive you must pay the difference. Please not we do not refund if the new ticket is cheaper. This is because all nakedbus tickets are non-refundable.

These fees cover cost of providing the change booking service.

The system won’t let me change a booking

17 September 2020

You cannot change bookings less than 24 hours before departure. This is to ensure our buses are as full as possible so we can keep our fares as low as they are.

I want to be picked up from a different stop to the one in my confirmation email

21 February 2020

Unfortunately our buses only pick-up/drop-off at the designated stops that you booked for. You could try asking the driver if your preferred drop-off point is on the route (before where you have booked to) and whether they would mind stopping for you. However, it is at the drivers discretion as to whether they do this or not, and we cannot guarantee this.

If you wish to be picked up at a different stop you must change your booking. Otherwise the bus wil not stop.

I want to change a booking

21 February 2020

Important: You must change the bookings yourself on our website using the Change Booking Form or through our 0900 number. Emailing us about the changes you wish to make will NOT change the bookings.

You cannot “split” a booking. So if you have a booking for two passengers, you cannot change your booking for one of the passengers only. If you change bookings to fewer passengers than on the original booking, you will forfeit the other tickets. For example if you change from two passengers to one passenger, you will forfeit one seat.

1. Click on “Change/View Bookings” button on the left hand side of the website.

2. Enter the booking reference and click “Find Bookings.” If you cannot remember your booking reference number then please click on the link “Forgotten reference number?” and follow the instructions as prompted.

3. Follow the instructions to change your booking. 

4. You must pay for your change. If you don’t do this, the change will not be confirmed.

Customer Comments

We are most impressed!

Thank you Hamish… we are most impressed with the efficient service! We are like kids on Christmas morning with this new service!

- DH, Napier

Keep it up

Keep up the cheap tickets and good service.
-Darren Hobson

It's good to see

It’s good to see nakedbus delivering a good service and taking on the over-priced [competitor] people.

-Thomas Beagle




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