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The booking form keeps logging out

17 September 2020

You must have cookies enabled for the booking form to work.

See here for more details

I can’t find the date I want

17 September 2020

If the date you want is not displayed, we do not run a service on that day OR we have not released seats yet.

Please check back later.

I can’t find the destination I want

17 September 2020

If the destination you want is not in the drop down list, you cannot get there in one day with nakedbus.com.

The only exception to this is cook strait services where you have to book a separate trip between Wellington and Picton

I don’t have a credit card

25 May 2020

There are two options: real time internet banking (POLi) or pago.

More details on real time internet banking


Now you don’t need a credit card to book online AND there is no need to wait for funds to clear. That’s right, you can have a same-day confirmed booking AND pay cash! Here’s how:

If you are 14 years or over and have a New Zealand bank account, open a Pago wallet online here and top it up straight away at a any branch of the ASB Bank.

  • Register for your wallet at www.pago.co.nz
  • Find an ASB Bank branch near you here.
  • Ask the person at the ASB counter to deposit the cash into 12-3456-0900123-022 (the Pago holding account) and
  • Put your Pago wallet name in the particulars field (this is how we know which wallet to put the money into).
  • Now you can go to the nakedbus.com website to book and pay using pago immediately using the money you deposited.

Need help with this? Call 0800 GO PAGO (0800 40 7246) Or go to www.pago.co.nz

Customer Comments

Great service

Great service for the price. Bus is warm and driver courteous.
-Glenys� Smart

Challenging of price structures

Good to see serious challenging of price structures.

-John Heighes

Keeping travel expenses amazingly low!

Want to say thanks for the great service. We like to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible, so we avoid making individual car trips whenever we can. The fares we get on nakedbus make it possible for us to travel as often as we need to for business, while limiting our individual driving and keeping travel expenses amazingly low!

-Barbara and Glen



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