How do I use the booking form?

Why is my travel day not showing?

18 July 2020

The trip is either not available for that particular day, or we are revising some journeys and will put them up on the site soon. If the trip does not appear in the search results it is not available for booking at this time.

How do I use a promotion code?

16 July 2020

Before starting ensure you are logged in. If you are not currently a member of®, please register first. It is quick and easy.

Select your desired trips as per usual.

Select the “pay with nakedrewards” button (next to the red “pay with credit card” button).

Enter your promotion code/free trip number into the “Promotion Code” box.

Follow instructions as prompted.

How do I book for a date further in advance?

14 July 2020

Sorry, you can only book on the dates shown in the booking form. This is to allow us to change times for operational requirements.
If a return trip falls outside this timeframe, you will need to book two single bus trips, the return bus trip at a later date. All® trips are one-way, so you are not missing out on a discount.

Why can’t I can’t find my travel day?

14 July 2020

Usually seats for the buses are released 6 weeks in advance at midnight every night. If the date you’re looking for is within 6 weeks we may be revising bus timetables. New bus trips will be up on the site as soon as possible. If the bus trip does not appear in the search results it is not available at this time.

I had problems making my payment, what should I do?

14 July 2020

Please check your email inbox for the® reservation email. If you have received this then your transaction was successful. If, however, you do not receive it within an hour or so of your transaction then please contact us.

Will I get a confirmation?

14 July 2020

After completing your payment you will be presented with your bus journey confirmation, which includes your booking reference number. This confirmation will also be emailed to the address you supplied. If you do not get an email, please check your spam or trash folder as some spam filters reject the confirmation email.

You must keep a note of the booking reference and present it to the driver to get on the bus

Why is my journey not offered?

14 July 2020

This may happen for three reasons.

Firstly® may not run the trip you want. Check our route map for where we go.

Secondly check our bus Timetables section to ensure the journey operates on the date you have chosen.

Alternatively it may simply be that the journey has sold out. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Can I book more than one journey in one transaction?

14 July 2020

Yes. Click on “Add to order” in the “save” section of the booking process.

Can I book a specific seat?

14 July 2020

No. You cannot book specific seats on® services.

How do I book a journey?

14 July 2020

After completing your search® will offer you a list of the available bus journeys for your selection. The day before and the day after the date you selected will also be shown so that you can choose the most cost-effective travel option for you. Prices are quoted in NZ Dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Please note that the bus departure and arrival times displayed are for the main points you selected. You may choose to get on or off the bus at a different point in the same town or city. Details will be shown in your booking confirmation, once the booking is complete.

Select your journey(s) by clicking the circle next to the journey(s) you wish to book from the list.

You can now choose to search and add more journeys or checkout.

Customer Comments

Great idea

Great idea, an awesome traveling option.
-Ronald Dickens

Great service, friendly driver...

Great service, friendly driver..will use again and again and again.
-Sarahlee Ryan

Regular clients

Thank you SO MUCH for your time and commitment in carrying out a refund, I appreciate your service! Yes indeed, my family and I are regular clients of nakedbus and will continue to be as we frequently travel the North Island!

-Ema Korenhof




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