How do I Earn FREE trips?

Can I earn nakedrewards points if I book with an agent?

13 September 2020

No. Nakedrewards points can only be awarded if you are logged in under your member username and password and book online.

When do nakedrewards expire?

16 July 2020

Nakedrewards currently do not expire.

Can I convert nakedrewards to cash?

16 July 2020

Yes. There is a $3 administration fee for this. Please use our contact form.

A friend has given me a reference number. What should I do?

16 July 2020

Sign up to the website and enter the reference number when prompted. This means that you will both get credits when you book a trip.

What is my nakedrewards reference number?

16 July 2020

When you tell a friend using the website, the email or text message contains a reference number. Your friend should enter this number when asked to get nakedrewards and so that you get nakedrewards too.

How do I get nakedrewards?

16 July 2020

You must be logged on to earn nakedrewards.
There are two ways you can get nakedrewards once you have signed up:

1. Every time you book a trip you will get a credit that you can use for future trips.

2. If you tell your friends and they sign up using your reference number, you will get a credit every time they travel too.

Please note that you do not get nakedrewards if you pay by internet banking.

What are nakedrewards?

16 July 2020

Nakedrewards are credits that you can use to get FREE trips if you sign up to the website and make bookings.

Customer Comments

Wow... these are somewhat amazing prices!

Wow, I just made a booking for next weekend from Auckland to Napier, and usually if I booked so late on the [competitor] service it would cost me $66, but I got my ticket from here for $23!! I also booked ahead for November and it cost me only $1!! I’m a Uni student so these are somewhat amazing prices, and I can afford to travel home! Cant wait to use this service, thanks for the low prices!

- Alesha, Auckland

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte

What a way to go!

What a way to go! Being a pensioner it is just so wonderful to make this trip possible for me!

- BH, Rotorua

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