How do I find a bus?

What do your buses look like?

26 July 2020

Most of our buses are provided by our partner operators. They will not be in colours. Your email confirmation will have a picture of what your bus will look like.
Here is a picture of one of our buses. The bus you travel on may be different from this.�

One of our buses

Sometimes buses will be provided by one of our partners. Where this is the case, your booking confirmation will advise you. Whenever this happens, there will be a® sticker in the window of the bus you are travelling on. If in doubt ask the bus driver.

Why didn’t I get a txt message confirmation?

20 July 2020

if you ordered a txt message when you booked you should receive your txt message within a few seconds. Sometimes this does not happen.

The reasons for this are as follows:

- you may have entered the wrong mobile number when you booked
- there may have been a problem on the mobile network outside our control (e.g. Vodafone / Telecom).

Unfortunately we cannot resend the text message or refund your text message fee in these cases.

What buses work in conjunction with

16 July 2020® works with quality partners who operate the buses for us. Full details of the bus you are travelling on will be provided in the booking confirmation email.

Where do services leave from and arrive?

16 July 2020

Go to the bus stop page to see where our buses go from. Search for your trip and you will find the times as well as departure and arrival locations for our services. For most stops there is also a nice little map.® services leave from and arrive at central stops in the towns and cities we serve. You can chose to get on the bus at any stop listed on your booking email.

What will the bus look like?

16 July 2020® uses the services of several high quality private operators. When you book you receive an email with full details of who the operator for your trip(s) is/are and a picture of the bus that will pick you up.® buses all carry a sticker in the window by the passenger door which states they are® vehicles. For photographs of some of our vehicles click here. These are examples only. Your booking confirmation will have a picture of the type of vehicle you should look out for.

What if the bus is delayed?

16 July 2020

We will do our best to avoid delays by designing our timetables as carefully as possible taking into account known problems. At times there will be unavoidable delays due to traffic, roads being closed due to crashes etc. In these circumstances, please bear with us, and we will get you where you are going as quickly as possible.

Customer Comments

Great service, friendly driver...

Great service, friendly driver..will use again and again and again.
-Sarahlee Ryan

nakedbus is the best thing since sliced bread.

I just wanted to say that nakedbus is the� best thing since sliced bread. It’s great that you’re offering an actual SERVICE - something this country definitely needs. Awesome work guys.

-Emmylou Cooke

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte

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