What are the fares?

How does nakedbus.com pricing work?

1 January 2020

nakedbus.com uses a complex pricing model to offer you the best value long distance bus tickets possible.

However, the concept is simple: the earliest seats are the cheapest; as these are sold the next seats are sold.

We do not divulge how many seats are available and at what prices, as this is commercially sensitive, but you should know that:

  • At least one seat on each bus is sold at $1 (plus booking fee). This is available for any destination so you could travel from Auckland to Wellington for $1 if you book early enough. (Please note that non bus related services may not always start at $1).
  • The system will always offer you the best price currently available
  • The price offered may vary between searches as other passengers book

If there are no more $1 seats available we cannot sell you a $1 seat so please do not ask. If you saw a seat at a particular price and tried to book it later but it wasn’t there, this is because someone else has booked it – again we cannot sell you a seat at the lower price. This is why it pays to book early.

Why has the bus trip price suddenly increased?

16 July 2020

This is because we have a certain number of seats available on the bus at different prices. As soon as the cheapest seats are booked the next priced seats become available. Our website is accessed by many people simultaneously; therefore trips are being booked continuously. For this reason, prices can increase while you are still on the site, as well as if you are booking trips consecutively.

For this reason it is best to book as early as you know when you wish to travel, to get the best price.

How much are children’s fares?

14 July 2020

We do not have separate children’s fares. All passengers pay the same low bus fares.
One child under the age of 3 years per adult is carried free per bus trip and should not be included in your booking. However they are not guaranteed a seat when travelling on nakedbus.com® services and your child may need to sit on your lap. If you wish to guarantee a seat for your child, or if you wish for your child to be seated in their car seat, you should buy a separate ticket.

How do I find out how much the bus trip costs?

14 July 2020

The fares for particular bus trips vary depending on previous bookings. The only way to know how much your trip costs right now is to use the booking form to the left of our home page.

How do I get a $1 fare?

14 July 2020

You should book early in order to get one of the $1 seats. At least one seat on every bus is $1 - these seats are the first to be sold.

Once the $1 seats are gone, they are gone.

Please note the system will automatically calculate the cheapest price for the number of people travelling - it does not make any difference if you book seats individually or together - you will get the same price.

What is a Passenger?

14 July 2020

nakedbus.com® operates using only one passenger category: passengers are all people intending to travel 3 years and over. We do not have separate fares for children, senior citizens or students.

How can you afford to have $1 fares?

14 July 2020

Not all our prices are $1. The earlier you book your bus trips the less you pay, but once our $1 seats are sold, our prices rise modestly. However we think they are all extremely good value for money.

What are your prices?

14 July 2020

nakedbus.com® seats start from as little as $1 (plus booking fee). Prices vary according to demand. The best prices will be offered to those who book early or to those who book on the less popular journeys. Prices start at $1 on all buses every day and all journeys will remain competitively priced offering excellent value for money. Please note that due to the high sales volumes on our site prices may change between searches.

A one-off booking fee is charged for all nakedbus.com® reservations. This fee is charged to cover bank and administration charges related to your order. Please note that the fee is per booking, not per trip. The fee is 70c online and may vary with agents.

Customer Comments

Love it

Love the service.
-Daniel Nehemia

$1 tickets

Keep the $1 tickets rolling

-Hayley Elford

Keeping travel expenses amazingly low!

Want to say thanks for the great service. We like to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible, so we avoid making individual car trips whenever we can. The fares we get on nakedbus make it possible for us to travel as often as we need to for business, while limiting our individual driving and keeping travel expenses amazingly low!

-Barbara and Glen



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