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I left something on the bus

21 November 2020

If you have lost property, use the contact form to tell us what you have lost. Please provide as much detail as possible because at any one time we will have several mobile phones and sunglasses etc.

We will let you know if we find the item.

There will be a charge to return the item to you. This will cover postage and packaging.

Why doesn’t your 0900 number work?

19 October 2020

Some phones are barred from calling 0900 numbers (you may be able to make toll calls but not calls to 0900 numbers). In this case it sounds like the number is disconnected or not working.

What to do: Call your phone service provider (Telecom, Vodafone etc) and ask them to remove the 0900 bar.

Please note that you can only call the 0900 number from New Zealand

Why didn’t I get a txt message confirmation?

20 July 2020

if you ordered a txt message when you booked you should receive your txt message within a few seconds. Sometimes this does not happen.

The reasons for this are as follows:

- you may have entered the wrong mobile number when you booked
- there may have been a problem on the mobile network outside our control (e.g. Vodafone / Telecom).

Unfortunately we cannot resend the text message or refund your text message fee in these cases.

Why is my travel day not showing?

18 July 2020

The trip is either not available for that particular day, or we are revising some journeys and will put them up on the site soon. If the trip does not appear in the search results it is not available for booking at this time.

Why has the bus trip price suddenly increased?

16 July 2020

This is because we have a certain number of seats available on the bus at different prices. As soon as the cheapest seats are booked the next priced seats become available. Our website is accessed by many people simultaneously; therefore trips are being booked continuously. For this reason, prices can increase while you are still on the site, as well as if you are booking trips consecutively.

For this reason it is best to book as early as you know when you wish to travel, to get the best price.

Why didn’t I get my confirmation email?

16 July 2020

If you have not received a confirmation email, try checking your spam box first. If you need another email sent to you please go to the change booking form (red box on home page) and log in or enter your reference number. If you are not registered or do not have you reference number please fill in our contact form with the name and email address you booked with and we will get another to you asap. If your bus departs today, please ring us on 0900 NAKED (0900 62533) and we will give you your reference number in order to get onto the bus.

What if I can’t make the trip?

16 July 2020

If you cannot make the trip you have booked, we are unable to refund your money. This is because we need our buses to be as full as possible to keep our fares as low as they are. However if you know that you need to change your travel plans, you can change your booking.

What if the bus is delayed?

16 July 2020

We will do our best to avoid delays by designing our timetables as carefully as possible taking into account known problems. At times there will be unavoidable delays due to traffic, roads being closed due to crashes etc. In these circumstances, please bear with us, and we will get you where you are going as quickly as possible.

Can I have a refund?

16 July 2020

In common with all budget carriers we do not offer refunds if you choose not to travel, can no longer travel, or book incorrectly*. This is because if we do so we may not be able to resell the seats, and with our low prices we need our buses to be as full as possible.

Note: If there is a problem with our bus service and this causes major disturbances to our operation, then depending on circumstances we will either provide a full refund or alternative travel bookings will be offered. If you need to make a complaint please fill in our contact form.

We aim to provide you with a reliable, friendly, comfortable and above all low cost bus service. However when things don’t go right, we won’t short change you. If you think that we have not provided what we said we would, contact us here within 3 weeks of your travel, tell us what happened and we will investigate and get back to you with an outcome.
So you can book with confidence, safe in the knowledge that we will do everything to make your trip as comfortable and hassle free as possible.

How do I book for a date further in advance?

14 July 2020

Sorry, you can only book on the dates shown in the booking form. This is to allow us to change times for operational requirements.
If a return trip falls outside this timeframe, you will need to book two single bus trips, the return bus trip at a later date. All® trips are one-way, so you are not missing out on a discount.

Customer Comments

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte

Keep it up

Keep up the cheap tickets and good service.
-Darren Hobson

Keeping travel expenses amazingly low!

Want to say thanks for the great service. We like to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible, so we avoid making individual car trips whenever we can. The fares we get on nakedbus make it possible for us to travel as often as we need to for business, while limiting our individual driving and keeping travel expenses amazingly low!

-Barbara and Glen



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