Where and when do you go?

Services on Public Holidays

15 September 2020

We do not run services on Christmas Day. Most other services run every other day of the year.

To find out whether your service runs on a particular day, please use the booking form with the day you are interested in. The booking form is on the left of the home page.

Why are there no black “nakedbus” buses?

18 July 2020

Some of our buses are black with the nakedbus.com logo, but nakedbus.com uses the services of several high quality private operators as well. When you book you receive an email with full details of who the operator for your trip/s is/are and a picture of the bus that will pick you up.

Do you have a bus on [Wednesday/Thursday etc]?

18 July 2020

All our departure and destination locations and current prices can be found using the search panel on the left of our website homepage www.nakedbus.com.

Detailed information of our bus stops can be found at www.nakedbus.com/bus-timetables.

Just enter your start and end locations and you will be given written information and maps. Also, the route map can be found at www.nakedbus.com/routes.

Could I be sent your timetable/brochure?

18 July 2020

nakedbus.com does not have set timetables. All information about routes/times/prices is available from our website at nakedbus.com/bus-timetables

Do you have a bus to ….?

18 July 2020

Select Start Point town/city from drop-down menu (nakedbus.com/bus-stops)
The end Point drop-down menu automatically shows possible destinations from the chosen start point, including maps of the bus stop locations.

If the

Where do nakedbus.com services leave from and arrive?

16 July 2020

Go to the bus stop page to see where our buses go from. Search for your trip and you will find the times as well as departure and arrival locations for our services. For most stops there is also a nice little map.

nakedbus.com® services leave from and arrive at central stops in the towns and cities we serve. You can chose to get on the bus at any stop listed on your booking email.

How do I find out where the bus goes?

14 July 2020

You can view all our bus routes and connections. Wave your mouse over your start location and all possible routes from there will be highlighted.

How do I find out what days and/or times the bus goes?

14 July 2020

Either use the booking form on the left of our homepage to search for the bus trip you want, or see our online bus timetables.

Why is my journey not offered?

14 July 2020

This may happen for three reasons.

Firstly nakedbus.com® may not run the trip you want. Check our route map for where we go.

Secondly check our bus Timetables section to ensure the journey operates on the date you have chosen.

Alternatively it may simply be that the journey has sold out. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Why can’t I find the destination I want?

14 July 2020

If the destination you want does not appear, nakedbus.com® does not run a bus service to that location from your departure point. You may have to make an overnight stop.

Customer Comments

nakedbus is the best thing since sliced bread.

I just wanted to say that nakedbus is the� best thing since sliced bread. It’s great that you’re offering an actual SERVICE - something this country definitely needs. Awesome work guys.

-Emmylou Cooke

One and Only

This is the only busline� I will travel on now, The ticket prices are a fraction of the other bus companies and� I can’t see any reason for other people to use other companies if they knew about NakedBus.com.

Jason Eden

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte

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