Using our Services - what you need to know

What do buses look like?

21 February 2020

Here are some pictures of some of our buses. The bus you travel on may be different from this.


Our buses are easily recognisable by their striking black livery.

On some small routes we code-share with other operators. Where this is the case, your email confirmation will advise you. Whenever this happens, there will be® branding on the bus you are travelling on. If in doubt please ask the bus driver.

Luggage Policy & Large items

21 February 2020

Please note that the driver makes the final decision regarding whether an item is beyond the luggage allowance. We cannot provide a ruling by email. 
You can take 2 medium suitcases (up to 20kg in total) free of charge, plus a small carry-on bag per paying passenger.

LARGER ITEMS:® buses can carry items such as

  • bicycles*
  • surfboards
  • skis
  • other excess baggage

Please Note:

  1. All larger items are subject to space availability.
  2. There is a charge of between $10-15 per item (depending on the route). This is payable directly to the driver.
  3. All larger items MUST be pre-advised, via email.
  4. Please inform us as soon as possible (by using the contact form) if you wish to bring an oversized item.
  5. We WILL require your booking reference number, when booking larger items on the bus.
  6. Notice of large items less than one full business day before the date of travel will not be guaranteed and no refunds will be given if we are unable to accommodate the request.

NOTE: *Bicycles should be boxed to avoid damage to other passengers luggage, however if you are unable to box the bicycle, our minimum requirement is that the bicycle pedals and chain are covered and the front wheel removed. We take absolutely no responsibility for damage to bicycles that are not boxed.

Notice of oversized items less than one full business day before the date of travel will not be guaranteed and no refunds will be given if we are unable to accommodate the request.�

Will my second/connecting bus (or train/plane/boat) wait?

21 February 2020

YES - If you have booked a connecting trip, i.e. a trip which involves two or more naked buses (i.e. there is only one reference number for the trip). In this case only, the second bus will wait because the driver will be aware of the connecting passenger.

BUT - If you have booked two or more separate trips, the second bus will not wait because the driver will not be aware of the connecting passenger. For this reason you should always book the trip as a connecting trip. If you book separate trips it is at your own risk, and there will be no refund if you miss the second bus.

So please, please, please do not book two separate trips to save a few dollars, as it may well cost you much more in the long run. You have been warned!

Connecting to/from other transport (planes, trains … and anything else)

We are not able to wait for other operators’ services. We cannot give special instructions to our drivers about waiting for a specific bus, train or plane. This would add complexity to our low cost operation, and likely would result in errors. Therefore you should book transport with ample windows of time to avoid disappointment. Delaying our buses would also inconvenience our other passengers and risk connections further along the route.

Suggested window between trips:

  • from any flight: at least two hours
  • from another bus / train, two hours unless the other operator can assure you that less time is needed.
  • to any flight: at least two hours
  • to another bus / train, two hours

We are not affiliated with any other form of transport. In particular we do not connect with Newmans, or InterCity services. You are responsible for being at the bus stop for the departure time stated on your confirmation email. Our buses do not wait for passengers who are trying to connect to or from other forms of transport. You should ensure AMPLE windows of time when travelling to or from other forms of transport (especially planes out of Auckland). It is not unusual for buses to run 30-60 minutes late when driving long distances. For flights, at least 2 hours should be given between the suggested arrival time of the bus and the check-in time (especially in Auckland and Wellington) - the same applies in the reverse direction.® cannot be held responsible for delays caused by traffic etc.

Picton Ferry

There is one exception for passengers travelling via ferry to Picton (but not by ferry to Wellington). Your booking confirmation email states: If you are coming off the InterIslander ferry (on a nakedbus ticket) and the ferry is delayed, you will be picked by the next bus. But if you are off the late ferry and the ferry is delayed you will have to make your own overnight arrangements. Your ticket will be valid for the next available bus. If your ferry is late but the bus is still there, identify yourself to the driver before you collect your luggage.

updated 17/09/2020

Rest stops

21 February 2020

Our buses stop every 3 hours or so for rest breaks. If you require a break more urgently than that the driver will be happy to stop for you at a convenient point. We do not publish details of rest breaks because this can change on the day depending on pick-ups, traffic, and other factors. However, the driver will inform you when a rest break is taking place and what time to be back on the bus.

Please note:

  • The bus will leave at the stated time. This time will be stated by the driver according to his watch.
  • If you are not on it it will go without you
  • The driver does not do headcounts
  • It is your responsibility to be on the bus at the scheduled time

Wheelchairs on® services

21 February 2020

Unfortunately® buses are unable to accommodate wheelchairs unless they are foldable and the passenger is able to board the bus walking. The usual excess luggage fee does not apply to wheelchairs.

Animals on® services

21 February 2020® services are unable to carry dogs or other animals, with the exception of guide dogs.

Reserving specific seats

21 February 2020

We are unable to reserve particular seats for passengers. If passengers would like a particular seat for medical or safety reasons they should inform the driver who will try to assist. This in no way means that particular requests will be able to be satisfied.

Unaccompanied Minors

21 February 2020® is a no frills service. As such we cannot give special instructions to drivers as this complicates our operation and increases our costs.

Unaccompanied minors 12 and over are accepted on the understanding that they will be met at both ends of the trip. While the driver will keep an eye on them, the driver will not be responsible for them, particularly at intermediate/rest stops.

Please note the following:

  • Make sure your child is put on the bus by a parent/guardian
  • The child is responsible for ensuring they are back on the bus after rest stops
  • Make sure your child is met at the destination by a parent/guardian. You MUST be at the stop 20 minutes before the scheduled arrival time, in case the bus arrives early. The bus driver is not able to wait if there is no parent/guardian there.
  • Your child must wear a seatbelt if one is available.

Services on Public Holidays

21 February 2020® does not run services on Christmas Day. Most other services run every other day of the year.

To find out whether your service runs on a particular day, please use the booking form with the day you are interested in. The booking form is on the left of the home page.

Why is the trip I want not offered?

21 February 2020

This may happen for three reasons.

Firstly® may not run the trip you want. Check our route map for where we go.

Secondly check our Bus Timetables section to ensure the journey operates on the date you have chosen.

Alternatively it may simply be that the journey has sold out. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Customer Comments

Wonderful, Warm - Superb

Wish to compliment your company on such great service. The driver of the bus on tuesday night,� was wonderful, his driving superb. Had a wonderful trip back on such a cold bleak night, the bus was so� warm, comfortable and clean. Once again many thanks

- Joan Lusby

Thank you nakedbus company

Thank you nakedbus company - trip from Ruakaka to Auckland went perfectly and without a hitch. I will certainly be recommending your service to family and friends.
-Kay Cawte

Friendly, courteous, polite & efficient

I know just how often people don’t let you know the good things … well, I would just like to pass on to you my highest praise for the driver from Whangarei to Auckland. He was friendly, courteous, polite, efficient and especially made the travel for my daughter and our international students easy and relaxing - especially as some had not previously used a city to city bus before, and none of us had used the nakedbus service.

His personality and manner is a credit to himself and to your company. We are all Naked Bus Converts now …. no more grumpy [competitor] bus for us!!

Well done to everyone!


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