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Internet banking did not process in time and now ticket cost has increased

21 February 2020

The options are:

  • go to an agent and pay by cash,
  • find someone with a credit card, or
  • deposit more money to cover the increasing fare price.

Note: the delay is caused by the banks when transferring money. Prices of our trips go up as more people book, so the price you see today (when you first deposit your money) may not be the price available when you go to book one or two days later. This applies especially over weekends when those with credit cards have two, three or four days to book before those waiting for Internet deposits to be processed. It is the process with the banks, not®, that causes this delay.

Internet Banking deposit has not processed

21 February 2020

If the money was deposited less than one business day ago:

The banks take about one business day to make transfers available to®. Internet banking deposits are processed by® by 10am on Tuesdays to Fridays.
If money is deposited after 10pm on a weekday the bank does not process it until the next day, and then it will be available to® the NEXT day (two business days). So, for deposits made at night it will be two business days before the money is available to the customer.

The following table shows when you should expect your money to be available:

You deposit money before 10pm on: Your money is available:
Monday 10am Tuesday
Tuesday 10am Wednesday
Wednesday 10am Thursday
Thursday 10am Friday
Friday 10am Tuesday
Saturday 10am Tuesday
Sunday 10am Tuesday

If any of these days is a public holiday, there will be a delay of a further day.

If the money was deposited more than one business day ago:

Please check you entered the correct Westpac account number when you made your deposit. The account number is 03-0104-0394083-01 (not -00), and that your member number was entered correctly in the reference box. If this was done correctly, please contact us by filling in the form at with:

  • Your name,
  • the date you deposited the money,
  • the amount you deposited and
  • your member number.

Lost Property

21 February 2020

Fill in our contact form with your reference number, a detailed description of the item(s) and a number to contact you at, and we will try to find your property.

  • You will be liable to cover any cost to return the item(s) to you
  • We will only contact you if we have found the item

Why doesn’t the 0900 number work?

21 February 2020

Some phones are barred from calling 0900 numbers (you may be able to make toll calls but not calls to 0900 numbers). In this case it sounds like the number is disconnected or not working.

What to do: Call your phone service provider (Telecom, Vodafone etc) and ask them to remove the 0900 bar from your phone. They may say that you do not have a toll bar - but please persist - explain that it is an “0900 toll bar” and don’t take no for an answer!
Please note that you can only call the 0900 number from New Zealand

Alternatively you can contact us via the Contact Form.

Problem with your journey

21 February 2020

If anything went wrong with your journey, let us know using the contact form.

Can I cancel / get a refund?

21 February 2020

In common with all budget carriers we do not offer refunds when customers:

  • choose not to travel,
  • can no longer travel, or
  • book incorrectly.

This is because we need our buses to be as full as possible to keep our prices as low as they are and we may not be able to resell the seats.

The ONLY situation in which we will provide a refund is when we fail to provide the service as advertised.
However, you can change any booking using the change booking form. There is $1.70 fee for this and it must be done more than 24 hours before the original departure time. Changes will incur the $1.70 fee plus any increase in price if the new ticket is more expensive than the older ticket (but decreases are not refunded). Make sure you press the button to pay by credit card at the end, otherwise your change will not be complete.

If you wish to cancel your ticket so another passenger can take advantage of our low fares, please advise us using the contact form. There is no refund in these circumstances.

Booking form doesn’t work

21 February 2020

Make sure that:

  • your browser has javascript enabled
  • you are using the latest version of Firefox (1.5+) or Internet Explorer (5.5+)
  • you have cookies enabled

If you are having problems with the booking form please follow these instructions:

Problem: Can’t enter a “travel to” destination


1. upgrade your browser to the latest version (we support IE6 +, Firefox 1.5+, and recent versions of Safari).
2. enable javascript.

You can enable javascript as follows:

  • Firefox 1.xx: Tools -> Options -> Web Features : “Enable JavaScript”
  • Firefox 2.xx: Tools -> Options -> Content : “Enable JavaScript”
  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options… -> Security -> Custom Level… : “Scripting” : “Active scripting” : “Enable”

Problem: Booking form keeps logging out when I try to search

Solution: Please ensure that you have cookies ENABLED. This website uses cookies to store details of the trip(s) you are searching for. At the very least you’ll need to allow cookies for the domains and

To enable cookies:

  • in Firefox go to Tools -> Privacy, and tick “Accept cookies from sites”
  • in Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy and set the slider on “medium”

You should then be able to use the booking form.

Problem: My travel date is not available

Solution: We release seats for a limited set of future dates (the dates that bookings are available vary from time to time). Please check when your date will become available.
Please note that some services do not run every day. See for more details.

If you are having other booking problems, please email us via the contact form.

Problem: My destination does not show up in the “travel to” box

Solution:® does not have a same day service between these two locations. You will have to make an overnight stop. Use the route map to plan your trip.

Has my booking gone through?

21 February 2020

If you got your reference number on the confirmation page, you are booked. The reference number looks like this: 1230101-08N1-AKLWLG. Check that your reference number has 17 characters.
If you didn’t get your reference number, please check your email for the® confirmation email. If you have received this then your transaction was successful. Your confirmation email has your reference number.
If, however, you do not receive it within an hour or so of your transaction then please check your spam or junk mail folder and if it is not there, then contact us.

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$1 tickets

Keep the $1 tickets rolling

-Hayley Elford

Two Thumbs Up!

I’m very impressed with the website nakedbus has. The whole process that you guys have going is really easy and simple. I’d never booked a bus online before, my first time, with you guys it took less then two minutes. Two thumbs up.

- Damien Clark

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, my son and I had a really lovely trip up to Auckland, catching the bus with no problems. A great service.� Thanks for all your help with the bookings etc.

-Alison Cornwall

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