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Made a mistake?

18 June 2020

Made a mistake when booking your bus? Perhaps you selected the wrong date, or destination?

Not a problem! Contact us using the contact us form within two hours of the booking and we will cancel and refund your booking once a new (correct) booking has been made! We will only refund the price of the ticket, not the booking fee.

I don’t have a credit card

25 May 2020

There are two options: real time internet banking (POLi) or pago.

More details on real time internet banking


Now you don’t need a credit card to book online AND there is no need to wait for funds to clear. That’s right, you can have a same-day confirmed booking AND pay cash! Here’s how:

If you are 14 years or over and have a New Zealand bank account, open a Pago wallet online here and top it up straight away at a any branch of the ASB Bank.

  • Register for your wallet at
  • Find an ASB Bank branch near you here.
  • Ask the person at the ASB counter to deposit the cash into 12-3456-0900123-022 (the Pago holding account) and
  • Put your Pago wallet name in the particulars field (this is how we know which wallet to put the money into).
  • Now you can go to the website to book and pay using pago immediately using the money you deposited.

Need help with this? Call 0800 GO PAGO (0800 40 7246) Or go to


15 May 2020

We have a number of agents who can make your booking for you. Agents may charge a service fee - otherwise the price is the same as on the website.

Agents are an excellent option for customers who choose not to pay by credit card.

Most of the i-Site Visitor Information Centres and many Backpacker Hostels throughout New Zealand are agents.


21 February 2020

Pago is a virtual “wallet” that you can transfer money to from any NZ bank account. Once money is in your pago wallet, you can use it to buy things online, or at selected retailers. You can also use pago to give money to friends – instantly! All you need is a mobile phone or email address and a New Zealand bank account.

Pago is brand new in New Zealand and is backed by ASB, so you know your money is safe.® is only the second retailer to sign up to Pago and we are delighted to help pioneer the new cashless society. Pago is available right now! If you haven’t signed up to Pago yet do it here.

For more info on Pago and click here.

Credit Card

21 February 2020

We accept all major credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club
  • JCB
  • Farmers Card (enter 12/25 for the expiry date)

Please note that Kiwibank Debit Cards cannot be accepted at the moment, due to their policy to hold funds before they are realsed to nakedbus. We apologise to all Kiwibank Debit Cardholders, and hope this will be no longer be the case in future.

Nakedrewards (top-up via Bank deposits)

21 February 2020

Please follow these instructions exactly otherwise there will be a delay in crediting your money and you may not be able to book.

Important notes:

  1. You will need to be registered with® and keep a note of your 6-digit member number. You can find this by clicking on the “More details” button under Internet Banking on the left of the home page.
  2. You have to purchase your tickets using the “Pay by nakedreward” button AFTER you have transferred the money into your nakedreward account.
  3. Don’t forget to deposit enough money to cover the $1 booking fee!
  4. The price can GO UP before you receive your money so deposit enough money to cover any price increase.

How to book using Nakedreward Payment
Research your journey(s) online at in order to estimate the cost of your trip.

Set up nakedbus as a bill payment payee. If you are with one of the banks below, you can do this online by searching for the word “nakedbus”:

  • ANZ
  • ASB
  • Bank Direct
  • HSBC
  • Kiwi Bank
  • National Bank
  • PSIS
  • Southland Building Society
  • Taranaki Savings Bank (TSB)
  • Westpac

If you are with another bank you will need to set up manually using the account number 03-0104-0394083-01.

For phone banking, make a one-off phone call to your bank. The bank will ask for your email address and nakedbus 6-digit member number.

Make a payment to nakedbus. The minimum amount you can deposit is $10, but don’t worry – any left over money will still remain in your nakedrewards account for use when purchasing your next nakedbus journeys. It is wise to deposit more than the price of your future tickets in case they go up during the time between depositing your money and booking your tickets. The price of® tickets depends on how early you book. If other people book during the time your payment is being processed by the bank the prices will go up.

Also, remember to deposit enough to cover the booking fee ($1).

Enter the following information:

Write your 6-digit nakedbus member number in the reference box (this is so nakedbus knows who has deposited the cash!). Do not enter anything else in this field or your payment will be delayed. Only enter six digits (numbers).

Put your email address in the Code Box (don’t worry if it doesn’t all fit - put in as much as you can fit), and put your last name and initials in the Particulars box. For example:

Details to appear on their statement:

Particulars: * Code: Reference:
Bloggs, J bloggs@hotma 009999

Wait at least one business day.

If any of these days is a public holiday, there will be a delay of a further day.

Check to see that your nakedrewards account has increased.

Then: Purchase your tickets using your nakedrewards account.

Retain your nakedbus reference number to show the driver on the day of your trip.

The following table tells you when to expect your money to become available:

You deposit money before 10pm on: Your money is available:
Monday 10am Tuesday
Tuesday 10am Wednesday
Wednesday 10am Thursday
Thursday 10am Friday
Friday 10am Saturday
Saturday 10am Tuesday
Sunday 10am Tuesday

NOTE: You cannot earn nakedrewards if you pay by nakedrewards.

Why do you not refund the difference when changing a booking?

21 February 2020® relies on filling buses as much as possible to keep its fares as low as they are. Giving refunds would force us to raise our prices as we could not guarantee reselling the seat, and we are determined to keep our fares as low as possible. All low cost transport operators have a similar policy. “Change bookings” are offered as an extra service to customers, and it is not designed as a way of getting a refund.

I want to be picked up from a different stop to the one in my confirmation email

21 February 2020

Unfortunately our buses only pick-up/drop-off at the designated stops that you booked for. You could try asking the driver if your preferred drop-off point is on the route (before where you have booked to) and whether they would mind stopping for you. However, it is at the drivers discretion as to whether they do this or not, and we cannot guarantee this.

If you wish to be picked up at a different stop you must change your booking. Otherwise the bus wil not stop.

Can I pay the driver?

21 February 2020

You cannot book/buy a® ticket and pay the driver. You can visit one of our agents if you are unable to pay by credit card.

The bus only stops where passengers have prebooked.

Cancellation and refund policy

21 February 2020

In common with all budget carriers we do not offer refunds when customers choose not to travel, can no longer travel, do not board the bus for whatever reason, or book incorrectly. This is because our pricing is based on having high load factors and we may not be able to resell the seats.

However, you can change any booking using the change booking form (red box on home page). There is $1.70 fee for this and it must be done more than 24 hours before the original departure time. Changes will incur the $1.70 fee plus any increase in price if the new ticket is more expensive than the older ticket (but decreases are not refunded). Make sure you press the button to pay by credit card at the end, otherwise your change will not be complete.

If there is a problem with our bus service and this causes major disturbances to our operation, then depending on circumstances, we will either provide a full refund or alternative travel bookings will be offered.

Customer Comments

Enjoyable journey

I really enjoyed my journey. I liked the half hour stop off by the lake in Rotorua. The bus driver was friendly.
-Jessica Anderson


People-friendly is everything. Driver was a good guy.
-Mike Spink

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, my son and I had a really lovely trip up to Auckland, catching the bus with no problems. A great service.� Thanks for all your help with the bookings etc.

-Alison Cornwall

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