How do I change my booking?

Important: You will have to change the bookings yourself on our website using the Change Booking Form or through our 0900 number. Emailing us about the changes you wish to make will NOT change the bookings.

You cannot “split” a booking. So if you have a booking for two passengers, you cannot change your booking for one of the passengers only. If you change bookings to fewer passengers than on the original booking, you will forfeit the other tickets. For example if you change from two passengers to one passenger, you will forfeit one seat.

1. Go to

2. Click on “Change/View Bookings” button on the left hand side of the screen.

3. Please enter the entire booking reference and click “Find Bookings.” If you cannot remember your booking reference number then please click on the link “Forgotten reference number?” and follow the instructions as prompted.

4. If you would simply like the confirmation sheet of your booking resent to the email address you provided when booking, click on the “Resend Confirmation” button. Alternatively, you can view the confirmation on-screen. (Note: the confirmation can only be resent to the email address you have provided us when you made the booking).

5. If you would like to make a change to this booking (NOTE: this has to be done more than 24hours before the time of travel) click on the “Change This Journey” button.

6. The selected journey will appear in the grey box on the right, in the main screen, as it appeared when you were booking this journey initially

NOTE: At any point from here, if you would like to cancel the change process and return to the original booking, click on [Cancel Change Booking] on the top right of the screen.

7. Go to the grey box on the top left of the screen named “click_”
- Select the number of passengers travelling
- Select the departure point from a location in the drop down list
- Select the destination point from the second drop down list
- Select the departure date from the 3rd drop down list
- Select the return date from the 4th drop down list – if it is only a one way journey, do not select anything
- Click on the “Start Search” button

8. The selected date will appear in the middle grey column, with a selection of available times and fares available.
(On either side of this grey column, there will be the times and fares for the day before and the day after the date you selected)

9. Select a suitable journey time by clicking on it

10. If you have more than one journey to book at once, click on “Add to Basket” then repeat step 9 to 11 and once you have done that click the “Checkout” button.

11. To finish the transaction click on a payment option button (Credit Card, nakedrewards or pago)

12. Enter the information in the boxes provided. If you would like to receive an “M-ticket” on your mobile (for an extra 59c), check this box and enter your mobile number in the box provided.

13. The difference in price between the old booking and the new booking will be displayed and the booking change fee (70c) and booking fee ($1) will also be displayed. The total amount owing will be shown, which payment will be needed for. Please note: If the cost of the new booking is LESS than the old booking, the difference in price of the booking will be forfeited.

14. To complete the transaction, click on the “Continue to Payment” button, and enter your payment details. If you don’t do this, the change will not be confirmed.

15. The booking confirmation will then be shown on the screen. It will show you your old booking number and your NEW booking number, which you should take note of. This confirmation will also be emailed to the email address you provided.

Examples of what you have to pay

1. Your old ticket is $10 and the new ticket costs $15. You pay: $5 ($15-$10) PLUS $1.70 change booking fee TOTAL = $6.70

2. Your old ticket is $10 and the new ticket costs $10. You pay: $1.70 change booking fee TOTAL $1.70

3. Your old ticket is $10 and the new ticket costs $5 You pay $1.70 change booking fee TOTAL $1.70

In other words you still have to pay the change booking fee even if the new ticket is cheaper.

Common Questions

Q: Do I have to change my ticket if I want to get on the same bus at a different point?

A: Yes, the bus only stops for prebooked passengers so you will probably miss the bus if you do not change your ticket.

Q: Can I get off the bus earlier without changing my ticket?

A: Yes, at a designated stop, please ask the driver when you board.

Q: The date I want to change to is not available. What can I do?

A: Your ONLY option is to change to a date that is available. You can change more than once, but a change booking fee applies on each occasion.

Q: I made a mistake with my booking. Can I change it for free?

A: No, you must always pay the change booking fee, and follow the change booking rules. For this reason you should check your basket carefully before you pay and confirm.

Q: Can you change a ticket for me?

A: No, “change bookings” is a self-service option. However you can use an bus agent to change a ticket. Additional fees may apply.

Q: There is less than 24 hours before departure. What can I do?

A: It is impossible to change your ticket less than 24 hours before departure.

Customer Comments

Some good competition!

Wonderful service. [Competitor] etc needed some good competition! All the best, I will definitely continue supporting you guys, especially a NZ business, don’t ever sell your company off overseas!

-Joanna Sangster

Regular clients

Thank you SO MUCH for your time and commitment in carrying out a refund, I appreciate your service! Yes indeed, my family and I are regular clients of nakedbus and will continue to be as we frequently travel the North Island!

-Ema Korenhof

Great service, friendly driver...

Great service, friendly driver..will use again and again and again.
-Sarahlee Ryan