Cancellation policy

Can I cancel and/or get a refund?

Once completed® bookings cannot be cancelled or refunded. However while® will make every effort to operate its services as scheduled, where this fails to occur full refunds or alternative travel bookings will be offered.

You can change your booking (more than 24 hours before departure), by using the change booking feature (red box on home page). There is a $1.70 fee for this. Please note the following:

  1. If the new ticket costs more than the old ticket you must pay the difference.
  2. If the new ticket costs less than the old ticket, there is no refund of the difference.

You can change to a different time, day and/or route.

Common questions about refunds

Why does® not give refunds? relies on filling buses as much as possible to keep its fares as low as they are. Giving refunds would force us to raise our prices as we could not guarantee reselling the seat, and we are determined to keep our fares as low as possible. All low cost transport operators have a similar policy.

Why does® not refund the difference on changed bookings when the new ticket is cheaper?
For the same reason as above. Giving refunds would force us to raise our prices, as we cannot guarantee reselling the seat. “Change bookings” are offered as an extra service to customers, and it is not designed as a way of getting a refund.

Can I change to a date not available in the booking form?
No, you must change to a trip that is available when you make your change booking.

Can I get credit to use for a future trip?
No, you must change your ticket 24 hours or more before the original departure time.

Customer Comments

Happy to tell others...

I am happy to tell others about your company for the amazing value and efficiency.

-Christopher Maney

Wonderful, Warm - Superb

Wish to compliment your company on such great service. The driver of the bus on tuesday night,� was wonderful, his driving superb. Had a wonderful trip back on such a cold bleak night, the bus was so� warm, comfortable and clean. Once again many thanks

- Joan Lusby


People-friendly is everything. Driver was a good guy.
-Mike Spink