Earn FREE trips (nakedrewards)

What are nakedrewards?

Nakedrewards are credits that can use to get FREE trips if you sign up to the website and make bookings.

How do I get nakedrewards?

There are two ways you can get nakedrewards once you have signed up:

1. every time you book a trip you will get a credit that you can use for future trips.

2. if you tell your friends and they sign up using your reference number, you will get a credit every time they travel too.

What is my nakedrewards reference number?

When you tell a friend using the website, the email or text message contains a reference number. Your friend should enter this number when asked to get nakedrewards and so that you get nakedrewards too.

A friend has given me a reference number. What should I do?

Sign up to the website and enter the reference number when prompted. This means that you will both get credits when you book a trip.

Can I convert nakedrewards to cash?

No you can’t currently.

When do nakedrewards expire?

Nakedrewards currently do not expire.

Customer Comments


-Grace Duva

One and Only

This is the only busline� I will travel on now, The ticket prices are a fraction of the other bus companies and� I can’t see any reason for other people to use other companies if they knew about NakedBus.com.

Jason Eden

Keep it up

Keep up the cheap tickets and good service.
-Darren Hobson