FREE Trips

That’s right, you can earn free trips with®, and you don’t even need to travel!
With nakedrewards you can earn credits every time you or your friends make a booking. These credits can be used towards future trips.
Simply sign up as a member, and every time you make a booking you will receive nakedreward credits. And if you tell your friends, and they sign up too, you will both receive a credit.

It’s simple so why don’t you sign up now. Just click register on the form on the left.

So what are nakedrewards?

Every time you book we credit a percentage of the price you paid to your nakedrewards balance. Plus, every time your friends books they receive a credit and so do you! This is our thank you for spreading the word about®. The standard credit rate is 2% of the booking value, but this amount may be increased for special promotions.

What can I do with the rewards?

Once you have accumulated enough nakedrewards credits, you may use them to buy trips. Remember you can collect nakedrewards credits every time you travel and every time the friends you have signed up travel. So why not sign up now?

A friend has given me a nakedrewards reference number. What do I do?

It’s simple - both of you can benefit from nakerewards every time you travel. Just sign up, and when prompted enter the nakedrewards reference. Then whenever you travel, you will both get nakedrewards.

And don’t forget to tell your friends so you can get nakedrewards when they travel!

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the Register button in the Members’ Login (black box) on the home page. Once you have entered your details, don’t forget to tell your friends and give them the reference you were given!

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