Free Bus Ticket to Travel in 2010

With all the talk about the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit and global warming in the media, Nakedbus is doing its bit to combat Climate Change. is giving away at least 2500 free bus tickets for travel between May and June 2010. We hope this will encourage people to travel by bus instead of car in New Zealand. If we get 2500 people out of their cars then we will reduce carbon foot print emission by 238 tonnes (an average of 300 km travelled per person) - and that is just the start.

You must be thinking; how do I get my hands on these free tickets? The first ticket for every trip in May and June 2010 will be free (+ booking fee). The seats will be released at 12pm (mid-day) on 17th December 2009 so have your alarm clocks set to ensure you grab that first ticket.

Now it’s time to do your bit to save our planet simply by sharing this information around. Let all your friends and family know about the free tickets and they can reduce their carbon foot print while travelling around New Zealand.

*The free tickets apply to bus services currently available on the website only and exclude services going to and from airports. This promotion will end 28 Feb, 2010.

Customer Comments

Two Thumbs Up!

I’m very impressed with the website nakedbus has. The whole process that you guys have going is really easy and simple. I’d never booked a bus online before, my first time, with you guys it took less then two minutes. Two thumbs up.

- Damien Clark

Pleasant experience

A very pleasant experience. It was very easy to deposit money and then book the ticket.
-Nick Conolly


One dollar deals are rad!

-Pauline Shults

Auckland Airport