More Dates

More Dates

If the date you want is not available it is because we have not released the timetable for this route yet. You can only book for a date that is currently available in the booking form. We will release further dates as soon as possible. We generally release dates 6-8 weeks ahead. Please check back.
When we release more dates we will announce them to our mailing list first. You can join our mailing list by registering. Registering takes a couple of minutes and keeps you informed of new low cost bus services. You can also earn free trips! If you are registered, you earn a nakedrewards credit which builds up allowing you to travel for free. So why don’t you register now?

Customer Comments

Pleasant experience

A very pleasant experience. It was very easy to deposit money and then book the ticket.
-Nick Conolly

What a way to go!

What a way to go! Being a pensioner it is just so wonderful to make this trip possible for me!

- BH, Rotorua

Great service, friendly driver...

Great service, friendly driver..will use again and again and again.
-Sarahlee Ryan

Auckland Airport