Cape Reinga, 90 Mile Beach off road Safari

Off-road vehicle adventure to Cape Reinga via 90 Mile Beach

Discover scenic Northland on our purpose-built off road vehicle. Visit gumdiggers park, spiritual Cape Reinga, drive along 90 Mile Beach, boogie board down massive sand dunes then stop at Mangonui fish & chip shop. A fun day out for all.

  • Fascinating commentary on the historical and cultural points of interest along the way.
  • On to Waiharara to see the ancient buried Kauri forest.
  • The famous Ninety Mile Beach*.
    Enjoy breathtaking views that go on forever as you ride this “highway of the North”.
  • An exhilarating ride through the Te Paki stream
    known locally as ‘Quick Sand’ stream. Give yourself a workout by climbing the giant sand dunes and boogie board back down.
  • Cape Reinga
    The magnificent sweeping views of Te Werahi beach down to Cape Maria Van Dieman, the crashing turmoil as the Tasman Sea and the mighty Pacific Ocean collide, the splendid isolation of the lighthouse and the location of the Spirit Tree are just some of the highlights of this extremely spiritual place.
  • Awanui and the Ancient Kauri Kingdom
    Here you can browse the products made from ancient and massive Kauri timber.
  • Visit the ‘world famous’ Mangonui Fish shop
    for afternoon tea/dinner. Grab the freshest fish and chips as the sea washes gently beneath your feet.

*Tides will govern whether this leg is before or after Cape Reinga

You’ll travel in a new purpose built air-conditioned coach to ensure you get the best experience possible. Comprehensive commentary will be provided by our knowledgeable driver throughout the trip. This will make the perfect weekend get away from the mundane work/study.

How to book:

From: Paihia
To: Off-road Cape Reinga D’trip
Date: [The Saturday after the Friday of your choice]

Looking for a weekend get away?

Just in case you got super board and desperately need a weekend away from Auckland. Here is our suggestion:

Friday night
Board the 4.45pm bus service in Auckland which will arrive at Paihia at 8. Time to relax after working for a week while someone else is responsible for driving.

What you need in your basket

From: Auckland
To: Paihia
Date: [The Friday of your choice]

Saturday morning
Take Off-road Cape Reinga Day trip and explore the tip of New Zealand the nakedbus way.

What you need in your basket

From: Paihia
To: Off-road Cape Reinga D’trip
Date: [The Saturday after the Friday of your choice]

Use the morning to relax and pack your bags. But be ready to swim with the dolphins with Nakedbus at 12.30pm before saying goodbye to the sunny Northland with the 4.30pm bus service back to the reality.

What you need in your basket

From: Paihia
To: Swim with Dolphins - Bay of Islands
Date: [The Sunday that you want it to last longer]

From: Paihia
To: Auckland
Date: [The Sunday that you are heading back to reality]

Customer Comments

Good value

Great service and good value.
-Tristan Farnworth

One and Only

This is the only busline� I will travel on now, The ticket prices are a fraction of the other bus companies and� I can’t see any reason for other people to use other companies if they knew about

Jason Eden

Wow... these are somewhat amazing prices!

Wow, I just made a booking for next weekend from Auckland to Napier, and usually if I booked so late on the [competitor] service it would cost me $66, but I got my ticket from here for $23!! I also booked ahead for November and it cost me only $1!! I’m a Uni student so these are somewhat amazing prices, and I can afford to travel home! Cant wait to use this service, thanks for the low prices!

- Alesha, Auckland