Internet Banking (POLi)

Do you get frustrated that you found the best deal on our website but can’t book immediately because you don’t have a credit card? Now you can pay in real time from your bank account. This means you will always be able to book with nakedbus, and pay directly from your bank account via the internet - same day! The technology by POLi is ground breaking and we are proud to be among the first few businesses in New Zealand to be able to bring this to you.

How to pay with Internet banking

Simply select to pay by “internet banking” after your have filled in your personal details.

Poli 1

Follow the prompts provided by POLi. Select your preferred account and confirm payment.

Then a new window (secured by POLi) should show up with your normal internet banking login page. The example below is for ANZ. Simply go through the normal payment options and POLi should fill in the required field for you.

The payment will be debited from the account and your booking will be confirmed instantly. No personal banking details are disclosed to at anytime and you can rest assured that your money will be safe at all times.

You can pay with POLi if your online banking is with ANZ, ASB, Westpac, National Bank, BNZ, Kiwibank or TSB Bank.

Computer Requirement for POLi

Check out the system requirement you need for your computer in order to pay with POLi. Alternatively, if you are unable to click on the “Pay with Internet Banking” button then you may need to update your computer system.

Check out more Frequently Asked Questions about POLi

Customer Comments

Good value

Great service and good value.
-Tristan Farnworth

Peaceful and comfortable

I liked the fact that the driver was not giving us a tour, unlike [competitor]! It was peaceful and comfortable.

-Fiona O’Hara

Amazing Value and Efficiency

I am happy to tell others about your company for the amazing value and efficiency.

- Christopher Maney