Whitewater Sledging Rotorua

Experience the thrill of white water rafting with nakedbus at an amzing price!

The attraction of white water sledging is that you are in control - propelled by the flippers on you feet. The sledges are purpose designed for the river.

New Zealand’s Original sledging specialists – since 1989 –with 2-3 river runs at their disposal. We challenge you to try their sledging option where the clients get to take the rivers on at eye level. Motivated and assisted by WWSNZ (White Water Sledging NZ) qualified guides it is a whitewater adrenalin junky’s dream.

Our guides are all NZQA Qualified, our business is a maritime safety approved operation.


In the late 70’s some keen Frenchmen were lying on bags full of life jackets and polystyrene, floating down stream. In 1981 the first water sledge was built (hydrospeed or hydrospeeding) it’s now a professional sport in Europe and gaining popularity around the world including New Zealand.


To book this day trip, select Rotorua in the “travel from” box and Sledging Rotorua in the “travel to” box on our booking form.

Customer Comments

Carbon Neutral

Really glad for the service, which has been very helpful and cost efficient. Have also been delighted with the friendly and helpful drivers. Lately we’ve been hearing that [competitor] plans to go carbon neutral, and were thinking you should do that too.

-Barbara Cook

Love it

Love the service.
-Daniel Nehemia

Wow... these are somewhat amazing prices!

Wow, I just made a booking for next weekend from Auckland to Napier, and usually if I booked so late on the [competitor] service it would cost me $66, but I got my ticket from here for $23!! I also booked ahead for November and it cost me only $1!! I’m a Uni student so these are somewhat amazing prices, and I can afford to travel home! Cant wait to use this service, thanks for the low prices!

- Alesha, Auckland

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