Ashhurst is a very small country town with a very quiet, peaceful lifestyle and friendly locals. The village dates back to 1877 when the first European settlers arrived.
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Ashhurst is the gateway to the Pohangina Valley and the East Coast, with it being situated close to the Manawatu Gorge. From Ashhurst there are some amazing views of the Ruahine Ranges and the surrounding countryside.

The Village and Valley Center is one of the crown jewels of Ashhurst, where you can play basketball, squash and have access to a good kitchen facility and lounges for meetings. This center is also used for a church on a Sunday.

The Manawatu Gorge has White Horse Rapids on the Manawatu River to offer. The Gorge is one of the main East/West links in the North Island. There is a walking track on the south side, which goes over the top of the Tararua ranges, through the bush and gives you some views of the wind farms. At the eastern end of the gorge there is the Balance reserve and picnic area, where you can have a sit down and a meal at the Beyond the Bridge caf?. The western end offers the Ashhurst domain and river access. Once a year there is a tunnel walk, this is a walk along the railway tracks along the length of the gorge. For some excitement, Manawatu Gorge tours offer jet boat sightseeing packages.

There are good Trout fishing spots in both the Manawatu and Pohangina Rivers.

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