Catch a bus to Manukau with nakedbus, where those who love shopping can have a fantastic shopping experience at the Manukau Westfield Shopping Centre, with everything from fashion to groceries. There is also the Supa Centa if you just can’t get enough.

The TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre is in Manukau, where you can see shows, as they have a wide variety of shows, conferences, and other events happening all year round. Imagine getting to that event you’ve always wanted to from just $1, by catching a bus with nakedbus!

Rainbows End Fun Park is just at your doorstep in Manukau, it is a theme park with rights such as the Fear Fall and the rollercoaster. It is a great adventure for those of all ages and definitely can’t be missed.

The Village 8 Cinema complex is also available for all movie lovers. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance, for those who appreciate good wining and dining.

Manukau is a great location to be as it is close to Te Irirangi Drive which links you to Botany Town Centre and Howick. It is also a 10 minute drive from Dressmart, the bargain centre of shopping in Auckland.

There is a whole world of opportunities in Manukau. You could have this from just $1 when you catch a bus to Manukau with nakedbus.

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