Lord of the Rings central! Catch a bus to Matamata with nakedbus. Visit the original sites of the movie sets for Hobbiton village. Although these landscapes have been replenished to their natural states, there are daily tours which will help you re-encounter how the set was created in our very own Matamata.

Get a real taste of Kiwiana when you visit a working dairy farm, the Longlands Farm and Restaurant. You can experience what rural life in New Zealand is like.

The Firth Tower Historical Museum is a unique tower built by Josiah Clifton Firth, completed in 1882 and is next to the first Homestead which was established in 1879, but destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1902. This existing homestead contains possessions of the Firth family and has a look of a lived-in home. At this site there is also a Methodist Church built in 1914, the Okoroire Post Office and Selwyn School, all donated and moved to the complex.

Java Lodge Stud tours are for all those who are interested in horses and farm life, this tour will increase your knowledge of thoroughbred breeding, stallions, foaling and yearly sales. You could also pay a visit to the intelligent Alpacas at Starthellon Apalcas, which are originally from South America.

These experiences are not to be missed, and with nakedbus, you can catch a bus to Matamata, and be there for almost next to nothing, with trips starting from just $1!


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